Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Held on 21st February, 2014

Attendance:               26 members


               Apologies were received from Mr R.McKeen, Mr G. Henney and Mr J. Robinson

Chairman’s Opening Remarks:

Mr Burdess opened the meeting by welcoming and thanking members for their attendance.

Members were asked to observe a minutes silence as a mark of respect to the memory of their fellow members who had passed away during the year.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Copies of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 15th February 2013, having been circulated to members, were taken as read, and approved on the proposal of Mr T.Gascoigne and seconded by Mr J.Reay.

Matters Arising

The Chairman reported that at the 2013 AGM Mr W. Nicholson had suggested the club hold a seniors open. Mr Nicholson was asked to look into the possibility of locating a suitable date then bring his suggestion to the golf committee however no date had been received.

 Official Reports for 2013

Annual reports from the Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Handicap and Competition Secretary, Greens and the Captain were unanimously accepted.

The Chairman thanked the outgoing captain Mr Reay and his successor Mr Gascoigne for the commitment they had given to the club in 2013.

The Treasurer informed members that the club had realised a profit of £1472.15p in 2013. This was approximately half what we achieved in 2012. He expected that this would decrease further in 2014 however despite the reduction in our balances the committee have decided to continue with the £25 levi and keep trophy levies at their current level of £2 per competition.

The reduction in profit was caused in part to the following increases in 2013;

English Golf Union affiliation fees-£500

Presentation night Trophies- £328

League team meals -£240

Loss of 17 members levies -£420

Mr Rudling was happy to report the there had been no increase in EGU or NUGC fees this year.

He stated that affiliation fees to both the EGU and the NUGC were an individual commitment by club members and were paid on behalf of them from their £25 levi. The fees of £7.25p for England Golf and £3.50p to the Northumberland Union of Golf Clubs equated to 44% of their £25 levy.

To date outgoings exceed income due to the heavy expenditure that we experience at the start of the year and do not have any control over. He reminded members that their fees should be paid by the end of January to avert the need to dip heavily into our surplus funds.

Members were reminded that those who pay their fees by Direct Debit also need to pay their £25 golf levi by the end of January.

We have also decided to keep the price of a mat to £5 for members despite an increase in cost from our suppliers, which now stand at £5.17p per mat.


Positive outcomes

Mr Rudling informed members that from 2014 onwards the Welfare would take over the responsibility for the purchase and sale of the mats.

There had been an increase of £470 in competition levies due in part to the good weather we experienced last year.

We now have a new notice board and a purpose made driving mat for the net, which will be in place before the start of the summer season. Total cost of the two approximately £600.

 Mr Rudling expressed his thanks to Alan Milton, the Club Secretary, for his work in obtaining the notice board, the driving mat and the £48 refund for the same. He further commended the secretary for his sterling work over his first year in the job and thanked him for his help and support which he had found invaluable.'

We currently have two estimates for a compressor which have been obtained by Mr J. Reay and Mr J.Beadling on behalf of the Welfare and Golf Committee.

Mr Rudling concluded his presentation by thanking Bobby Lofthouse for his generous discounts on the presentation trophies and engraving and Herbie Meldrum for his audit of the accounts, his ever available advice and the administration of the competition monies each week.


The Handicap Secretary reported a change to the method of recording active and inactive handicaps.

Members with a C after their handicap are now classed as eligible to play in competitions (active handicap)

Those with no C are required to compete in 3 competitions to active their handicap.


Greens report

Mr Carruthers thanked those involved from the club and our sponsor Mr M. Currell at Bay Plastics for the provision of an information board.

He reported that there were still problems with surface water draining onto our land from adjoining fields and the ongoing negotiations with the local authority and Northumberland Estates.

He thanked the Green staff for the excellent condition of the course.


Captain’s report

The outgoing captain Mr Reay thanked the committee, Mr & Mrs A. Pearson and the incoming captain Mr Gascoinge for the help he had received throughout his term in office.

He also thanked the bar staff and Mr J.Beadling for making him his vice captain in 2012.



Mr. H.Meldrum stated that having examined the accounts he was satisfied that they represented an accurate record of the financial position as at 31st December, 2013. He added that the accounts were very well prepared and therefore easy to Audit and he thanked Mr Rudling for his efforts.



The following officials who had been proposed and seconded as per nomination sheet, were elected unopposed

President                                                                                 Mr D Carruthers

Vice President                                                                        Mr. H. Meldrum

Chairman                                                                                Mr. R.A. Burdess

Secretary                                                                                 Mr. A. Milton

Treasurer                                                                                Mr I. Rudling

Handicap/Competition Secretary                                           Mr. M. McLean

Captain                                                                                   Mr. T.Gascoigne

Vice Captain                                                                                       Mr. J. Robinson


The following were unanimously elected to serve on the committee

Mr J. Renwick, Mr P Harvey, Mr R. McKeen, Mr G. Henney, Mr J.Beadling and Mr J.Reay (Immediate past captain)

The Chairman thanked committee members for standing for re-election and looked forward to working with them during the coming year.

Election of Auditor Mr H.Meldrum was re-elected as auditor. This was proposed by Mr D. Burns and seconded by Mr J. Reay.

Notices of Motion

The following notice of motion had been submitted by Mr R.A.Burdess and seconded by Mr A. Milton on behalf of the committee;

We the undersigned wish to propose the following:- 


The golf committee propose a change to the format to determine the Club Champion. The proposal is as follows- 

 The champion will be the player who has the lowest gross score over 36 holes. This will form part of the Alan Crosby rounds 1 and 2.

 If after 36 holes there is a tie the players will play a further 18 holes strokeplay the following Sunday.

 If still tied they will continue to a sudden death playoff, starting at the first hole, playing  under strokeplay rules, until all but one are eliminated.

This person will be the winner of the club championship

If this proposal is passed, it should not be re-visited for 5 years.


The motion was carried with 25 in favour of the motion, none against and 1 abstention.



Mr D. Burns pointed out an error in the captain’s report; 3rd place in the Northumberland Junior Patrons competition went to Mr D.Burns & Mr J. Beadling and not Mr J Beadling & Mr T.Davidson as stated in the report. The captain apologised for this mistake.

Mr D.Burns requested that the recorded course information message be updated on a more regular basis to reflect current course conditions. The committee suggested that this was a matter for the Welfare and would bring his suggestion to their attention.

The Chairman gave an update on future plans to remove several bunkers on the course, to cut down on maintenance.

The Welfare have suggested that the following bunkers be removed as part of the 5 year program;

2nd Fairway: Bunker nearest Tee Box on Right hand side of fairway; Bunker on Left hand side to be removed but to give the Fairway a dog leg effect, to plant trees and widen out the semi rough where the bunker is situated.                                                                                                                                                                         4th. Fairway: Bunker nearest tee Box on Left hand side of fairway.                                                                                        

     5th Fairway: Plant Broom bushes on the mound (as suggested by Course designers)                                                       

      6th.Fairway: Remove the large bunker between Tee box and Green, but maintain the shape of the rear and sides and grass over.                                                                                                                                                             

7th. Green: Remove the bunker at the rear of the Green and replace with semi rough.


These suggestions have been discussed at Golf Committee and we are opposed to any planting on the 5th mounds and the removal of the bunker to the rear of the 7th green however we see no reason why the rest of the work cannot go ahead in due course.

The Chairman reported that the removal of these bunkers would not affect the standard scratch for the course.

Mr M.Mordue requested an update on the artificial turf that had been laid on the 3rd medal tee.

The Chairman reported that this was being re-laid on a more permanent base and would be ready before the start of the summer season weather permitting. 

Mr A.Walker inquired whether the 8th temporary green to the right of the main green was ever used. He was assured that this was occasionally used.

Mr Gascoigne asked members whether they had experienced any problems with the change to the out of bounds rule to the left of the 2nd green. Members present gave no indication that they were unhappy with this rule change.


The President thanked members for their attendance and reminded them that the committee were always available should they wish to speak to them.

He went on to remind them that any complaints should be put in writing, addressed to the Golf Secretary.

He then congratulated the incoming captain Mr T.Gascoigne and his vice captain Mr J.Robinson on their appointment and wished them well for the coming season.



There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8:30 pm