Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Held on 13th February, 2015


28 members


No apologies were received

Chairman’s Opening Remarks:

 Mr Burdess opened the meeting by welcoming and thanking members for their attendance.

Members were asked to observe a minutes silence as a mark of respect to the memory of their fellow members who had passed away during the year.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Copies of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 21st February 2014, having been circulated to members, were taken as read, and approved on the proposal of Mr P.Thompson and seconded by Mr D.Burns.

Matters Arising

The Chairman gave a brief update on matters which were raised at the 2014 AGM:

Seniors invitation day is on Thursday 25th June.

New compressor has been installed at a cost of £475.

No work had been carried out on the bunkers due in part to the impending course re-assessment by England Golf. He was pleased to announce however that the course had been re-measured in October 2014 and this had resulted in an increase of 139 yards from the white tees and 146 yards from the yellow tees. He was also pleased to announce that the standard scratch off the white tees had been increased from 68 to 69.

Mr A Walker pointed out that in AOB of the 2014 minutes it read: Mr A Walker inquired whether the 7th temporary green to the right of the main green was ever used. This should have read to the right of the 8th green.

Mr M Mordue enquired how often the area around the compressor was cleaned as this often looked untidy. The Chairman reported that the Trustees are aware of the problem and discussions are ongoing.

Official Reports for 2014

Annual reports from the Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Handicap and Competition Secretary, Greens and the Captain were unanimously accepted.

The Treasurer informed members that the accounts showed a surplus of £2610.33 however £791.20 of this was transferred from the junior account and £250 had been committed to the captain’s charity (prostate cancer). This has now been sent to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

The actual surplus is £1569 which is only slightly more than last year and is mainly due to not having junior expenses.

The income from member’s levies was £6550 which is the same as last year.

Despite the good weather last summer, there was a drop in competition levies of £500 due mainly to inclement weather which occurred on a weekend.

The cost to purchase and install the compressor was £475. The Treasurer thanked the senior section and the Ladies section who had both donated £100 each towards the costs.

He hoped that members would agree that the compressor had been beneficial to the club then went on to clarify the golf committee’s fees:

The golf secretary and treasurer have their fees paid by the Welfare.

The captain and handicap secretary have their fees paid by the golf section (£798)

All other committee members pay their own fees and receive no expenses.

The control and sale of fairway mats has been transferred to the Welfare.

Some members who pay by direct debit have still to pay their £25 levy and they should do so as soon as possible.

The treasurer was pleased to announce that we are able to maintain the levy at £25 for 2015 however our ability to maintain this is dependent on no significant rise in outgoings.

Mr Rudling was also happy to report the there had been no increase in EGU or NUGC fees this year.

He stated that affiliation fees to both the EGU and the NUGC were an individual commitment by club members and were paid on behalf of them from their £25 levy. The fees of £7.25p for England Golf and £3.50p to the Northumberland Union of Golf Clubs represents 44% of a members golf levy.

He then requested that if any member has a suggestion on how we might improve the golf section it should be submitted in writing to the secretary, bearing in mind that the Welfare has responsibility for course maintenance.

Mr Rudling expressed his thanks to Alan Milton, the Club Secretary, for his help and support and concluded his presentation by thanking Herbie Meldrum for his audit of the accounts, his ever available advice and the administration of the competition monies each week.


Mr. H.Meldrum stated that having examined the accounts he was satisfied that they represented an accurate record of the financial position as at 31st December, 2014. He added that the accounts were very well prepared and therefore easy to Audit and he thanked Mr Rudling for his efforts.


The following officials who had been proposed and seconded as per nomination sheet, were elected unopposed

President                                                                                 Mr D Carruthers

Vice President                                                                        Mr. H. Meldrum

Chairman                                                                                Mr. R.A. Burdess

Secretary                                                                                 Mr. A. Milton

Treasurer                                                                                Mr I. Rudling

Handicap/Competition Secretary                                           Mr. M. McLean

Captain                                                                                   Mr. J. Robinson

Vice Captain                                                                                       Mr.P.Thompson


The following were unanimously elected to serve on the committee

Mr J. Renwick, Mr P Harvey, Mr R. McKeen, Mr J.Beadling, Mr J.Reay and Mr. T.Gascoigne (Immediate past captain)

The Chairman thanked committee members for standing for re-election and looked forward to working with them during the coming year.

Election of Auditor Mr H.Meldrum was re-elected as auditor.

Captain’s report The outgoing captain Mr T.Gascoigne thanked Mr. J. Reay for making him his vice captain in 2013, and the incoming captain Mr Robinson for the help he had received throughout his term in office.

He went on to thank all members of the club for the help and support he had been given during a very enjoyable year as captain and wished Mr Robinson and his vice captain Mr Thompson all the best for their year in office.

The Chairman thanked the outgoing captain Mr Gascoigne and his successor Mr Robinson for the commitment they had given to the club in 2014.

Notices of Motion

The chairman announced that there was 2 “notices of motion” however one submitted by Mr. A. Riding was being considered by the Trustees therefore no action was taken at the golf AGM.

The second “notice of motion” was as follows:

The following notice of motion has been received and will be voted on at the Annual General Meeting


We the undersigned wish to propose the following:-


That the winter Muckhart competition by changed from a strokeplay competition to a stableford competition from the 2015/2016 season


Alan Milton                                Signed

Date 7th January 2015


R.A Burdess                               Signed

Date 7th January 2015


After some discussion this was rejected by the members, 12 against, 4 in favour with 12 abstentions.


The chairman gave a brief update on changes to competition formats and presentation of trophies:

Stroke indexes for the winter league will be changed to reflect the actual difficulty of each hole during the winter season.

Winter league trophies will now be awarded to the best qualifiers and the winners and runners up in the knockout stages.

Summer Sunday competitions which are stableford or strokeplay will have no fixed tee reservation. The competition will be open throughout the day and finalised on a Monday.

They chairman then announced that Mr. Herbie Meldrum had been granted honorary life membership of the Welfare in recognition of his many years of service to the club.

Mr Mordue asked whether there would be any future change to the out of bounds triangle to the right of the 10th green. The chairman informed members that there were currently no plans to change this area however it was being kept under review.


The President thanked members for their attendance and reminded them that the committee were always available should they wish to speak to them.

He went on to remind them that any complaints or suggestions should be put in writing, addressed to the Golf Secretary.

The president congratulated Mr Gascoigne on his commitment during his year in office and went on to congratulate the incoming captain Mr J. Robinson and his vice captain Mr P. Thompson on their appointment and wished them well for the coming season.




There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8:30 pm