Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Held on 16th February, 2018


21 members


Mr N Gibson

Chairman’s Opening Remarks:

Mr J Renwick opened the meeting by welcoming and thanking members for their attendance.

Members were asked to observe a minutes silence as a mark of respect to the memory of their fellow members who had passed away during the year.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Copies of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 17th February 2017, having been circulated to members, were taken as read, and approved on the proposal of Mr D. Burns and seconded by Mr J Reay.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising

Official Reports for 2017

Annual reports from the Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Handicap , Competition Secretary and the Captain were unanimously accepted.

The Treasurer apprised the members of the Balance and Accounts which show a loss of £3226.16 for the year. He explained that this was due to the purchase of the greens iron at £3225.50, a contribution of £1500 to the Welfare towards the trolley storage container, and the reduction of the golf levy in the previous year resulting in a loss of £1095.

He said that the England Golf Affiliation fee is £8.25 and the Northumberland Union of Golf Clubs £5, a total of £13.25 per member regardless of age and ability. He added that up to the AGM we have received fees from 156 members at £3120; at this time last year we had received from 174 members. He said it was clear that many  ‘members’ have not yet paid their fees and should not be playing golf or in competitions. He asked those members present to spread the word. It is clear that too many members are not paying their fees in time, ie. 31 January, and that we need to consider a more efficient method of collection for next year.

Mr Rudling said that the Golf section had received a bequeath from David Beardall’s estate for £1000. From this we had purchased a memorial bench and arranged a fixed placement in front of the Hall at a cost of £622.76. He thanked Dave Little for his work in regard to the placement.

He advised that there are several uncollected winnings and that Herbie had placed a list on the notice board. Members can collect the money from himself, Herbie, Alan Milton or Alfie. Those monies not collected will be brought back into the main account for security reasons. He named the following members who had not collected prize money at the Presentation Night: Sam Brown, L Carrot, Chris Hunter, Gary Wright and C Wright. This money will be retained at the end of February.

He informed the members that the club is in a healthy position financially and is able to pay for or towards course improvements. The Committee will be grateful for any suggestions in writing.

He thanked: Herbie Meldrum for his audit, advice and help throughout the year and said that he is a backbone of the club; Bobby Lofthouse for his ever generous discounts for the trophies; Alan Milton for his commitment to the club, his innovation eg the newsletter and the generous help he gave the Treasure personally.                                                  

Finally, he advised that he will not stand for re-election next year and invited anyone interested in the post to let it be known.


Mr. H.Meldrum wished it put on record that having examined the accounts he was satisfied that they represented an accurate record of the financial position up to the 31st December, 2017. The accounts were very well prepared and therefore easy to Audit and he thanked Mr I Rudling for his diligence.


The following officials who had been proposed and seconded as per nomination sheet, were elected unopposed

President                                                                               Mr D Carruthers

Vice President                                                                      Mr. H. Meldrum

Chairman                                                                              Mr. P. Thompson

Secretary                                                                               Mr. A. Milton

Treasurer                                                                               Mr I. Rudling

Handicap/Competition Secretary                                      Mr A. Pearson

Captain                                                                                  Mr R. McKeen

Vice Captain                                                                                     T.B.C


The following were unanimously elected to serve on the committee

Mr P Harvey, Mr D Griffiths, Mr M Young and Mr N Gascoigne (Immediate past captain)

The Chairman thanked committee members for standing for re-election.

Election of Auditor Mr H.Meldrum was re-elected as auditor.

Handicap Secretary report

The handicap secretary thanked Herbie Meldrum for his assistance during the year. 

Outgoing Captain’s closing remarks

Neil informed those present that he had enjoyed his year as Captain and was proud of the league team who had a very successful 2017.

He congratulated Peter Thompson on his appointment as Chairman and went on to thank Jim Renwick for his commitment to the club.

He then introduced the new Captain Roy McKeen and presented him with a tie of office and Captains badges.

Captain’s remarks

Roy stated that he was delighted to be Captain and it was a privilege to represent Backworth Golf Club. He then presented Neil with his Past Captains badge and tie.   

Any other business

The outgoing Chairman Mr Jim Renwick stated that it had been a privilege and a pleasure to have been Captain and Chairman of Backworth Golf Club. He urged those present to support the Captains functions and club social events and asked them to encourage other members to support the club and Welfare.

He concluded by congratulating the incoming Chairman Peter Thompson on his appointment and wished him well during his years in office.

Presidents closing remarks

The President thanked those members who attended and the officials and members of the committee who have worked hard to look after your interests and make your golf an enjoyable experience.

It was regrettable that four experienced members of the committee had decided to resign but he looked forward to the input from our two new members Dave Griffiths and Martin Young.

He thanked those members who supported competitions and the Welfare in general although he hoped that more members would show this support by using the bar facilities, which are a vital part of our revenue.

He went on to congratulate Neil Gascoigne and Roy McKeen and the members of the league team who achieved the highest league position for seven years.

In closing, he congratulated Neil for his personal achievement on being selected for England against Scotland in the Hickory Club Challenge.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8:00 pm