Minutes of Annual General Meeting
Held on 19th February, 2016
29 members
R.A Burdess, D. Ince, G. Wilcock
Chairman’s Opening Remarks:
Mr Renwick opened the meeting by welcoming and thanking members for their attendance.
Members were asked to observe a minutes silence as a mark of respect to the memory of their fellow members who had passed away during the year.
Minutes of Previous Meeting
Copies of the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 13th February 2015, having been circulated to members, were taken as read, and approved on the proposal of Mr J. Reay and seconded by Mr D.Carruthers.
Matters Arising
The secretary reported that the out of bounds triangle between the 1st and 10th greens had been removed.
Official Reports for 2015
Annual reports from the Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Handicap and Competition Secretary, Greens and the Captain were unanimously accepted.
The Treasurer informed members that the surplus at the end of 2015 was £1966.61 and that £611.30 was from the membership draw which was carried over into January. The true surplus was £1355.31 and continued to be healthy.
England Golf affiliation fees had been increased by £1 per member which resulted in a total of £11.25 per person being paid on their behalf from the £25 golf levy. Despite this increase the treasurer was pleased to announce that the levy would remain at £25.
Levies were still slow to come in and approximately 60 members had still not paid their levy which was due on the 1st January.
Competition levies will remain at £2 for 18 competitions and £1 for 9 hole.
In 2015 trophy costs were £1600, slightly up on the previous year. The treasurer thanked Bob Lofthouse for the generous discount.
Team meals were £2795.15 and it was hoped that this figure could be reduced after consultation with the new caterers.
The membership draw had been a huge success with one member receiving a year’s free golf and four members having their golf levy paid on their behalf by the golf committee. The treasurer reported that there would be another draw in 2016.
Mr Rudling thanked Herbie Meldrum for the audit, which was returned to him the following day. He also thanked the secretary and Malcolm McLean for their assistance during the year.
Mr. H.Meldrum stated that having examined the accounts he was satisfied that they represented an accurate record of the financial position as at 31st December, 2015. He added that the accounts were very well prepared and therefore easy to Audit and he thanked Mr Rudling for his efforts. He went on to thank Ian Rudling for the work he has put in over the years and didn’t believe we could have a more reliable treasurer.

The following officials who had been proposed and seconded as per nomination sheet, were elected unopposed
President Mr D Carruthers
Vice President Mr. H. Meldrum
Chairman Mr. J. Renwick
Secretary Mr. A. Milton
Treasurer Mr I. Rudling
Handicap/Competition Secretary Mr A. Pearson
Captain Mr P.Thompson
Vice Captain Mr N.Gascoigne
The following were unanimously elected to serve on the committee
Mr P Harvey, Mr R. McKeen, Mr J.Beadling, Mr J.Reay, Mr. T.Gascoigne and Mr John Robinson (Immediate past captain)
The Chairman thanked committee members for standing for re-election and looked forward to working with them during the coming year.
He gave special thanks to Malcolm McLean who was standing down a handicap secretary after many years of loyal service to the club.
Malcolm thanked the members for their support during his time in office in particular to Herbie Meldrum who does so much for the club. He wished the new handicap secretary Mr Alfie Pearson all the best during his term in office.
Election of Auditor Mr H.Meldrum was re-elected as auditor.
Captain’s report
The captain, Peter Thompson, thanked Neil Gascoigne for agreeing to be his vice captain and John Robinson for allowing him to be his vice captain in 2015
The Chairman thanked the outgoing captain Mr Robinson and his successor Mr Thompson for the commitment they had given to the club in 2015.
Mr T. Gascoigne suggested that rake and place in bunkers be introduced during the winter season. After some discussion it was agreed that in general it was a good idea however it would need to be discussed at committee for possible implementation during the following winter season.
Mr Burrows voiced his concern that during a weekday monthly medal the times that visitors were allowed on the course was been changed to allow them to play anytime after 12.30pm instead of being restricted to the 10.30am- 2.30pm time slot that they were currently allocated. He believed that working members should be allowed to turn up and play after work without the delays experienced by visitors playing the course.
The secretary gave the following reasons for the change:
1/ The cut off point of 2.30pm was causing confusion as the bar staff were unsure whether to allow visitors on the course. This had resulted in a number of visitors being turned away which had cost the Welfare lost revenue and possibly lost members.
2/ If visitors were allowed on the course at 2.30pm they would still be on the course after 6pm during the time that working members wished to play therefore no benefit was being achieved by the current cut-off point and regardless of that fact social golf members, whether male or female, may still be on the course because the medal was NFTR.
3/ If visitors were discouraged from playing at Backworth then members fees would have to rise considerably to cover the shortfall in revenue.
After some discussion it was agreed that a sign will be placed on the first tee during a monthly medal informing visitors that there is a competition on and they should give way if practical. In addition bar staff will be encouraged to point this out to visitors when they pay their fees.
Mr Burrows then suggested the introduction of meal deals for a Sunday afternoon when the course is usually quiet and was assured that the Golf Committee, Welfare Manager and Trustees will be discussing ways to increase visitor attendance during this period.
The President thanked members for their attendance and reminded them that the committee were always available should they wish to speak to them.
He went on to remind them that any complaints or suggestions should be put in writing, addressed to the Golf Secretary.
The president congratulated Mr J.Robinson on his commitment during his year in office and went on to congratulate the incoming captain Mr P. Thompson and his vice captain Mr N. Gascoigne, on their appointment and wished them well for the coming season.
He noted that Neil will be the 3rd member of the Gascoigne family to represent the club as captain.

The Chairman concluded the evening by presenting the outgoing handicap secretary Malcolm McLean with a small token of our appreciation for his work during his time in office.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 8:15 pm