Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 12th April 2017

Secretary’s update

The secretary had been informed of a near miss on the 1st tee when a dog walker had walked onto the fairway when a member was about to tee off. The lady was using a mobile phone at the time and was unaware that golfers were present.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer reported that the Current Account stands at £6892 having paid the England Golf and NUGC Affiliation fees of £2432.25. This covered the 201 members  who have paid their fees by the end of February, those whose fees are paid by the club plus 6 juniors. He said that the NUGC will approach us later in the year for any outstanding costs for additional members.

He advised that the Draw had been won by Andy Toward who had received a cheque to cover his membership. A further £180 had been paid as lesser prizes. A total of £610 was paid out against receipts of £618.95.

Based on the monies received to date 196 members have paid their levy, the Welfare manager has received more, yet to be collected by Treasurer, and letters have gone out to those outstanding. These people should be aware that they are ineligible for competitions until they have paid.

36 members levy’s were still outstanding.

He said that letters of appreciation had been received by the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and The Children’s Heart Unit for the charity donations.

Handicap Secretary’s Report.

The handicap secretary reported a poor turnout for the first few Sunday competitions of the season.

Captain’s Report

In the inter county foursomes at Longhirst, Backworth, represented by Neil Gascoigne and Andy Stokoe, won their first game against Wallsend 6-4 but were beaten 1 down against Stocksfield. Stocksfield went on to win the competition.

Senior Organisers Report

Mr Harvey reported that our first league game was away to Ponteland, who had won the League last year.

Backworth had won the first friendly against Wallsend 10-2.

Any other Business

The committee agreed that the 8th/16th holes should be “call up holes” during competition play. Members should mark their balls on the green and then invite the following group to tee off before putting out. Signs will be erected to that affect and members informed via the newsletter.

Members continue to disregard the rules of the club regarding start sheets. Our constitution states the following:

Failure to honour starting times

Failure to honour starting times will result in players being automatically barred from taking part in four successive competitions unless a satisfactory reason is given in writing and submitted to the golf committee within 7 days of the previous mentioned misdemeanour. (Rule18)

 The committee agreed that any further misdemeanour of this kind would be dealt with as per the rules of the club.

Committee members are referred to the March minutes and the discussion that took place at that meeting regarding the rules for the winter nine hole competitions:


 There had been some confusion regarding the rules for the winter nines. The committee agreed that clear and precise rules would be put in place before the start of the winter season.

Mr Reay had priced a new Trophy cabinet for the lounge. Cost would be £1490 + vat.

The committee agreed to fund the cost of the new cabinet.

Mr Harvey voiced his concern that at the start of the summer season the yellow tee box on the first was moved 30 yards further forward effectively reducing the hole to a par 3. The secretary had spoken to Paul Himlin who had initially agreed to move the yellow tee back to the artificial turf but had subsequently changes his mind. The Welfare Manager will be contacted with a view to arranging a meeting between the Welfare Manager, the Park Superintendant and the Golf Secretary to clarify the responsibilities of the Golf Section.

Saturday competitions will be monitored with a view to opening up the afternoon block to members who only wish to play social golf.

Mr Reay informed the committee that work was underway to convert a shipping container to accommodate members trolley’s.

A discussion took place about the introduction of “drawn competitions”. It was agreed that this would be put on the agenda before the start of the summer season 2018.