1.0                BACKWORTH GOLF CLUB CONSTITUTION     Revised 2017

Title:               The Club shall be named the "Backworth Golf Club" and shall be affiliated to the Northumberland Union of Golf Clubs.

Objects:         1.           to promote, safeguard and advance the interests of golf.

  1. To uphold and apply the laws of the game for the time being in force i.e. "The Rules of Golf and the Rules and Regulations of the English Golf Union.
  2. To arrange and regulate inter club matches and club competitions.
  3. To apply the funds of the club for the purposes and objects in such manner as shall be deemed to be in the best interests of Golf and the Club.

Membership: The Club shall consist of male and female members of the Backworth Social Welfare centre who have been accepted by the Welfare Management Committee as members of the Golf Section of the Welfare.

Management: The affairs, trophies and all other assets of the club shall be under the control of a

 committee of members consisting of:-


Vice President



Vice Captain

Honorary Secretary

Honorary Treasurer                             

Honorary H'cap & Comp. Secretary

6 other members

Plus the retiring Captain in an ex-officio capacity.    

Total of 15 

Ladies Section


Vice Captain

Honorary Secretary

Honorary Treasurer

Honorary Handicap/Competition Secretary

 6 other members

Plus the retiring Captain in an ex-officio capacity.

Election of Committee

Officers and members of the Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. Nominations may be made by members of the Club (with the nominees consent) each being proposed and seconded and delivered in writing to the Honorary Secretary not less than 14 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies for any office or for the committee, an election will be held.                                                                                                                                      
Committee Rules

A Chairman  shall have a deliberative vote, in the event of an equality of votes, a casting vote. Within this constitution the term “Chairman” refers to the Chairman of the Men’s Section of Backworth Golf Club unless specifically noted.

In the absence of the Chairman, the Captain (or in his absence the Vice Captain) will act as Chairman at all meetings.

The Committee shall have the power to appoint Sub Committees as they shall from time to time decide.

The Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer shall be ex officio members of all Sub Committees.

The Committee shall have the power to co-opt 2 additional members for specific duties in an advisory capacity and without voting rights.

Five members of the committee shall form a quorum

Should vacancies cause the Committee to be unworkable then an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called to explain the situation and another general election must be convened at the appropriate time.

The Committee is empowered to make such bye-laws as necessary but such bye-laws may be cancelled by a majority of votes of any General Meeting and no bye-law shall alter or nullify any of these rules.

To preserve continuity the Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Handicap & Competition Secretary are automatically elected for a 2 year period. Any  member of the committee can stand for re-election after 1 year,

No member allowed to stand for the golf committee or be allowed to vote at the Golf AGM if their current yearly fees have not been paid.


The financial year of the Men's section shall close 31st December in each year and an annual statement of accounts shall be prepared by the Honorary Treasurer and shall be audited by the duly appointed auditors as soon as possible thereafter.

The Women’s section financial year end to close 31st October in each year.

General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting shall take place on the last Friday in February following the end of the financial year for the purpose of receiving the Committees reports on the year’s working, the statement of accounts, the election of officers and committee members. Honorary Auditors for the ensuing year, and for transacting the general business of the club. Printed or written notices convening the meeting stating the business to be transacted shall be published at least 28 days before the date of the meeting. Notices of motion in writing with the names of the proposer and seconder shall be submitted to the Honorary Secretary 14 days before the date of the General Meeting. The Captain’s "Drive Into Office" will take place on the first Sunday following the AGM

The Ladies Section Annual General Meeting to be held in November each year.

The quorum for all general meetings shall be 25 members for the Men's Section or 15 for the Ladies Section

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the club may be requested and shall be convened by the Secretary within 3 weeks following the receipt by the secretary of a written request to do so by ten members of the club. Every such request shall specify the business for which the meeting is to be convened. No other business shall be transacted at such a meeting.

Alterations to Rules

No alteration shall be made to these rules except at such a General Meeting by a majority of at least 2/3rd's of the votes cast at the meeting and any such alterations so made shall take effect forthwith unless the meeting shall, by a like majority, decide otherwise.

The Rules and Bye-Laws of the Backworth Social Welfare Centre shall automatically apply to the Golf Club excepting where there is a specific variation which has the authority of the Social Welfare Centre Management Committee.

On the recommendation of the committee and with the approval of Welfare Management, the Annual General Meeting may from time to time elect Honorary Life Members of the Club

Course Closures

The Golf Club Management Committee in consultation with the Social Welfare Centre Management Committee accepts that the Grounds Superintendent or his nominated deputy has full authority to determine playability on any part of the course. In unsuitable weather conditions (heavy rain, snow. Lightning. Fog etc) a member of the Golf Committee has the authority to close the Golf Course. The Green Staff and nominated Welfare Trustees have the authority to determine if the course is playable.


The Chairman

  1. To preserve order at Golf Club meetings
  2. To be familiar with and to enforce rules of procedure
  3. Rule on disputed matters of procedure
  4. Maintain the policy of the Golf Club and advise members if they are about to make decision which conflicts with current policy.
  5. Prevent irrelevant discussion & keep to agenda.

The Honorary Secretary

1.   Keep records of membership and correspondence of the club.

  1. Issue notices of Golf Committee meetings and the annual general meeting
  2. Be responsible for recording minutes of the golf committee meetings and the annual general meeting.
  3. Perform other such duties usual to the office of a golf club secretary

The Honorary Treasurer

  1. Have custody of all club funds
  2. Keep proper accounts and submit these to:-The General Meeting annually and to the Welfare Management Committee
  3. Perform other such duties usually pertaining to the treasurer of a golf club.
  4. Bank Signatories:- Two of the following signatures to be used for the signing of Cheques:




The Handicap & Competition Secretary

  1. The analysis and control of all members’ handicaps
  2. To be responsible for all club competitions
  3. To be responsible for all trophies and prizes presented for club competitions.

4    To be responsible that the EGU’s central database is updated in a timely manner.

  1. Perform other such duties as could be considered under the scope of

Handicap / Competition Secretary

The Captain

  1. To act as host on behalf of the Club at all social functions
  2. To represent the Club at league games and other visits to Club’s contained in the Newcastle and District Golf League.
  3. To select the Team to represent the Golf Club at all County and Newcastle and District Golf League events/ matches

The Vice Captain

  1. To assist the Captain in the above duties
  2. To act on the above duties in the absence of the Captain



The Handicap Committee/ Competitions Committee will be responsible for any ruling during the course of play on that day. Should any further interpretation of the ruling be necessary it shall be noted and passed on to the committee for a final decision. (Rule 5)

All members must have an official handicap before they can be allowed to enter club competitions. (Rule 8)

All players must be fully equipped and each player must carry a golf bag. (Rule 16)

2.1.1 Format of Play

In medal competition - Bogey also, maximum of 3 players per match- not allowed to go out in 4 balls. Anyone going out as 4 balls will be disqualified

Any member playing a club competition without first paying their entrance fee will be disqualified.

2.2         Handicap Allowances

Handicaps Allowances for competitions will be as follows:

Medal Competitions                              Full Handicap

Stableford Competition                         Full Handicap

Four Ball Better Ball                              ¾ Handicap to maximum of 18

Other formats                                        to be posted on the day of the competition.

2.3         Triangular Matches:-

The Captain will select the Team; however a notice will be posted for any remaining places including reserves.

2.4         Captains Day:-

  1. a) Post notice in the locker room 4 weeks prior to date
  2. b) Entry fee to be paid when appending name to sheet, all entry fees will be paid on the day of the competition. Withdrawals prior to the day of the event must be made, in writing, to the captain.

It is the Captains privilege to present prizes as he wishes also other incidentals. The entry fees and raffle, is to cover entertainment and any monies left over to be passed to the captain. Should there be any deficit this will be met by the club.

2.5         Invitation Day:-

  1. a) A notice will be posted in the locker room 4 weeks prior to date
  2. b) All visitors must be in possession of current bona fide Golf Club Handicap, handicap certificate or EGU handicap PIN. These must be presented upon request to an official of the Golf Section.

Any member failing to honour their starting time will be barred from the next 4 weeks competitions or the following year’s event unless a satisfactory explanation is made in writing.

2.6         Club Championship:

The format of the Club Championship is as follows:

The champion will be the player who has the lowest gross score over 36 holes. This will form part of the Alan Crosby rounds 1 and 2.

 If after 36 holes there is a tie the players will play a further 18 holes strokeplay the following Sunday.

 If still tied they will continue to a sudden death playoff, starting at the first hole, playing  under strokeplay rules, until all but one are eliminated.

This person will be the winner of the club championship and will represent Backworth Golf Club at County, League and all other Champion invitations.

(Amended AGM 2014 and will not be revisited for 5 years)

2.7         Results Tied in all other competitions

If an 18 Hole Competition ends in a tie, the result will be decided by the score on the Back Nine - Handicap halved exactly. If there is still no result the Back Six will be used with  1/3 rd's Handicap. If there is still no result the  Back 3 will be used  (1/6th's Handicap).  Should there still be no result the  Last Hole will be used.

For 36 Hole Competitions ending in a tie, the result will be decided by the scores from the Second Round. If still a tie then the competition will be  decided as above for an 18 Hole Competition using the "second round" score card

Gross score competitions to be decided as above without handicap allowances.

2.8         Draw for Competitions

The draw for competitions such as "Captains Day", "Club Championship", and similar, will be made by Captain and the Handicap Committee.

2.9         Inclement Weather

If and when play is affected to a large extent by severe weather the Competition Secretary, or in his absence a member of the Handicap Committee, have the authority to declare that  a competition is "Non Qualifying"

2.10       Miscellaneous

Members whose home club is other than Backworth must produce a Certificate of Handicap or an EGU Central Database PIN. Failure do so would disbar the member from taking part in club competitions

In order to retain an active handicap, members must submit 3 cards in qualifying competitions during playing season. NB “No Returns” will not be accepted.

The member whose names are drawn first for Thompson Cup & Tankard competitions will give available dates to opponents for the playing of match

Score cards must be returned in all competitions. Handicaps will be lifted. 0.1 for those members not returning cards, any member frequently infringing this rule may have their handicap suspended

Welfare Bowl - Format changed to 4 ball better ball Stableford.

Del Monte Forster Trophy –Winner of the Monthly Medal will be awarded 10 points, subsequent places will be awarded from 9points to 1 point depending on position.

Muckhart Shield - This is not a club competition; Competitors are allowed to play in 4 balls

2.11       Charity Money, Competition Money & Sweep Money

All Competition Entry fees to be £ 2.00 unless notified otherwise

Sweep monies for Oates Salver Competitions will be equally divided between the 2 divisions and paid to the winner and runner up  in each division

Sweep monies not claimed within 1 month to be handed to treasurer

Sweep monies to be signed for by winning competitors

In Medal Competitions Sweep Money will be allocated as follows.

Ball Better Ball: -           1st place 50%   2nd place 30%     3rd  20%

Saturday Stableford: -   1st place 45%   2nd place 30%     3rd  15%     4th Place 10%

Saturday Medal: -          1st place 45%   2nd place 30%     3rd  15%     4th Place 10%

Monthly Medal: -           1st place 50%   2nd place 30%     3rd  20%

Sunday Medal: -            1st place 50%   2nd place 30%     3rd  20%

Texas Scramble:             1st place 60%   2nd place 40%

                                                                                                AGM 2013

COMPETITION LEVY : The Competition Levy will be £2 per entrant

2.12       Starting Times

Starting Times may only be booked 8 days in advance.

2, 3 or 4 Ball Matches must be' made up' before 'Red Time' may be booked. (Rule 17)

Timed Starting Sheets for Saturdays will not be used during the Non-Competitive Season.

Starting Times for Sundays

Agreed (Light Permitting) Starting Time to be 7.00am with 7 minute intervals until the end of the first block. No players to proceed to the tee prior toe their allotted time unless both the 9th hole and 1st tee is vacant.

Failure to honour starting times

Failure to honour starting times will result in players being automatically barred from taking part in four successive competitions unless a satisfactory reason is given in writing and submitted to the golf committee within 7 days of the previous mentioned misdemeanour. (Rule19)

The original black time must be honoured.

Members must not enter any other names on the Start sheet except those of their playing partners which will be entered in the same time block. Failure to do so could lead to exclusion from the next 4 competitions.

If a black time has been booked and should all players have arrived well in advance of that time it is not permissible to cancel the black time and book an earlier available “red time”.

2.13       Finals of Competitions:-

Thompson Cup, Thompson Tankards, Winter League - If no amicable arrangements have been made those turning up by 8.30am on final day will claim the game. This ruling will also apply to dates to each round of the Thompson Cup & Tankard Competitions

Thompson Cup & Tankard – If the final is not played by final date, the Handicap Committee will attempt to find a mutually agreeable date. Should it prove impracticable to find such a date the final will be declared void and semi finalists will share equally monies due. The Honours Board will indicate that the competition was declared void

Winter League – The Handicap Committee will have the authority to extend the Winter League should it feel it necessary If the Sub Committee agree that it is not practicable to do so the Competition will be declare void. All Monies to go to the Golf Club Funds

2.14      Local Rules

If a match fails to keep its place on the course and loses more than one clear hole on the players in front it shall allow the match following to pass through (Rule 11)

Non Competitive matches are not permitted to play on Saturdays in summer competition season when other members are playing a competitive round. (Rule 12).

When a Sunday morning competition is scheduled in Competition Season (April – October) only those members taking part in the competition are allowed on the course. i.e. non-competitive golfers are not allowed unless on a medal competition day they have entered their names in one of the 4 times slots between 7am -7.30am. (Rule 12)

Tee Pegs must be used on all tee boxes

Two ball matches should have precedent on any three or four ball match with the exception of Sunday Morning (Rule 3)

Whenever possible in stroke play competitions members will go out in sets of three. Four ball matches will not be allowed. The exception to this ruling will be for members playing in the Muckhart Trophy competition which will be played on Saturdays between October and March. (Rule 4)

Pitching onto the practice putting green is not allowed.

The following modes of dress will not be allowed on the golf course:-

Jeans or other denim clothing.


Track suits


Untailored shorts

Footwear other than recognized golf shoes

Bare chests.


If and when a ball is found in grass cuttings (interpreted as referring to heaps of grass cuttings in vicinity of greens and intending to be moved - not cuttings on course in general) Ball can be picked and dropped 1 club length not nearer the hole without penalty. Refers - Definition G. U. R. "Grass Cuttings".

When the 1st tee is reserved for a specific match, it is not permissible for players to 'Play Through' from the ninth green unless participating in that particular match.

During Newcastle and District Golf League matches the course will be closed to members from 4.45pm until all members of the team (including reserves) have driven from the 10th Tee Rule 14

A ball played into the area of newly planted saplings and trees must be picked and dropped within one club length, not nearer the hole without penalty. Staked trees only.

Stones in Bunkers - Any stone(s) in the vicinity of the ball may be removed

Fairway Mats and Pick & Place Will be introduced or terminated at the discretion of the Park Superintendent. Whilst in operation this rules applies to fairways only. Mats can be purchased from the club but must be used until such time as the Park Superintendent in liaison with the Handicap secretary decided that they can cease to be used.  When using mats or Pick and Place  you may pick and place your ball (if you wish) not more than 6" away from its original position, but not nearer the hole. Using a mat on a green which is not in play is not allowed.  You can also clean your ball if you wish (Plugged Balls on all fairways - or in tractor marks on fairways - may be lifted and dropped without penalty - "not cleaned" one club length not nearer the hole. (Rule 25.2 Embedded Ball)

Stolen Balls - if players knows the exact spot from which ball was stolen, a free drop can be taken at that spot. If exact spot is not known, a second ball should be played from the approximate position of the original shot and a penalty shot incurred. (Rule 16.1 Ball at rest moved by an outside agency)

Only members playing in a competition will be allowed on the course on Saturdays between the hours of 7:00 am and 6:00 pm.


Juniors with an official handicap and who have paid the annual levy at the existing time and are accompanied by an adult shall be allowed to enter Adult competitions and participate in the sweep. They will also be allowed to play on Sunday Mornings. Juniors with a handicap of 9 or less are allowed to enter Adult Single Competitions without being accompanied by an adult In an Adult Fourball Competition one member of each pair must have a handicap of 9 or less to assume adult status. (Rule 9)

Qualifying age for Junior Championship to be under 21 years on the 1st April

Juniors with an official handicap and who have paid the "annual competition levy" and are accompanied by an adult shall be allowed to enter the competitions and also to participate in the sweep and to play on Sunday mornings.

Juniors playing in Senior Competitions must have their card marked by an adult member, Strokeplay; 1 junior plus 1 or 2 adults - not 2 Juniors and 1 adult

Handicaps for Juniors - Agreed allowed to submit 3 cards, marked by senior members - and played off boxes during April to September inclusive.

Juniors - if playing on a Sunday morning or in a competition must be accompanied by a senior.


The courtesy of the Course shall be given to the Men’s & Ladies Captains at all times. (Rule 1)

Sunday morning and Bank Holiday competitions will commence at 7:00 am. No member or visitor will be allowed to play before the first booked tee time unless it is their intention to play 9 holes only (Rule 6) or the competition has NFTR (no fixed tee reservation)

A Rule book, giving more details of the rules applicable to course is available for inspection on application to Secretary or the Handicap Committee.(Rule 19)

Please note that all fees must be paid to the Welfare by 31st January. Cheques will be made payable to “BACKWORTH MINERS WELFARE”. Anyone who has not paid their fees on time will be deemed to have resigned and will therefore not be eligible to play in club competitions. Resignations should be submitted to the Secretary by 31st December. (Rule 20)

Non Competitive players should allow a competitive match to play through if requested and it is practical to do so, in the interest of course courtesy. (Rule 21)

Any complaints regarding behaviour, queries on rules, failure to honour starting times etc. must be made in writing to the secretary/handicap committee within 7 days. Verbal complaints will not be accepted by the Golf Committee.

Buggies and Trolleys - Must not cross the white lines around the greens or be taken onto the Greens or Tees as made by the Park Superintendent (Rule 15)

All matches must be present and made up before proceeding to the first tee to claim their turn and should not proceed to the tee until the previous match has cleared the teeing area. (Rule 2)

Members must submit a minimum of three cards to obtain an official handicap. (Rule 7)

Team Sweaters and shirts: Must be returned after each playing season to the Vice Captain who will arrange for them to be checked and replaced as necessary.

All team members to be dressed in Jackets & Ties after match, all players must attend meal afterwards

The Welfare Management will pay the fees for the Secretary & the Treasurer. Subscriptions for Handicap Secretary and the current Captain will be paid by Golf Club

Members of league team, gaining 3 league team wins, will be presented with league tie (Newcastle & District Golf League)

A Float of £50 will be provided for the secretary and treasurer

Payments for the Juniors Patrons and County Members are to be passed direct to Hon. Treasurer

The Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer will be paid an Honorarium of £ 60.00 per annum

The Club Captain plus two guests will receive complimentary tickets for the Annual Dinner & Presentation Night. The required Mode of dress will be stated on all notices and all trophy winners will be asked to attend


Visitors will be informed prior to the collection of their fees that all players must be fully equipped and carry a golf bag.

No Visitors allowed to play before 12.30pm on Sundays.

All non-members must sign the visitors’ book kept in the Hall

No visitors on course on Wednesdays when monthly medals being played until after 12.30pm

On Competition Saturdays the course is closed to visitors from 7.00am until the last Competitors have passed the 10th tee. On Competition Sundays (in summer playing season)the course is closed to visitors between 7.00am and 12.30pm. On weekends during the winter season (October-March)visitors are allowed on the course  after 11.00am on a Saturday and after 12.30pm on a Sunday. (Rule 17)