Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 8th February 2017


The secretary read out an email form the Welfare Manager and his reply, regarding the perceived difficulties surrounding the annual draw and late payment of  Welfare fees.

Secretary’s update

The secretary announced that he would not be running the annual draw this year for personal reasons however he was willing to assist members of the committee should they wish to take over this annual event.

AGM: No notices of motion or nominations for committee had been received by the closing date.

The rules pertaining to the Graham Willis Trophy were discussed.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer advised that the current account stands at £9424 with approx £600 cash in hand which he is holding for the AGM results of the Annual Draw . The account will be reduced by approx £3000 at the beginning of March when we have to pay our England Golf and NUGC fees.

To date we have received £3320 in golf levies, representing 166 members. From this, it is clear that several members have not yet paid their fees. However, at this stage last year 161 members had paid. It is important that members do settle up by the end of February when we have to pay our NUGC and English Golf fees. He informed the committee that he would bring this up at the AGM and inform those members who have not paid their levy that they will not be able to enter competitions until they do so as they are responsible for ensuring that their England Golf subscription is paid for handicap purposes.

He also advised that the Captain’s fee has been paid and that the recent telephone bill of £77.98 was within the norm.

Any other Business

Mr. Carruthers gave a brief résumé of the County AGM: NGJA have now merged with the County to enhance Junior Golf in Northumberland. EGU County cards will remain at £10 however clubs will no longer be sent cards automatically and individual members who wish to purchase a card will have to apply to the County.

Mr Thompson informed the committee that County events can now be booked online using an individual’s EGU number.

Mr Neil Gascoigne informed the committee that Newbiggin were charging Juniors £15 a year to play golf.

A discussing took place about the Junior section: How to improve their experience at Backworth and how to encourage them to remain at the club.

Mr Pearson requested permission to add a mixed Texas Scramble consisting of Seniors and Juniors  to the fixture book. This was accepted by committee.