Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 11th January 2017

Matters Arising.

The Treasurer reported that there would be no increase in NUGC affiliation fees for Backworth in 2017 despite the fact that the executive council of the NUGC were proposing to increase this to £5 per member at their AGM at the end of January this year.

Secretary’s update

The secretary reported that after consultation with the Park Superintendent bunkers were dry enough to re-instate and rake and place would be trialled.

Despite repeated warnings from the Trustees and golf committee that trolley’s must be removed from the area leading to the men’s washroom, for Health and Safety reasons, very few member’s had followed that instruction. The secretary reported that he was still receiving conflicting instructions from the Welfare Manager and Chairman of the Trustees regarding this issue and therefore informed the golf committee that it was his intention to stand down from his role as Health and Safety rep for the Trustees.

After some discussion Mr Reay and Mr Beadling announced that they would remove the trolley’s and store them in the second locker room until members claimed them.

There were still a few numbers remaining in the golf draw. Mr Milton proposed that all of the money be paid back to members in the following amounts:

4x golf levy, £100 cash to runner up and cash equivalent to the winning members annual Welfare fees + golf levy. This proposal was excepted by committee. After some discussion the committee decided to make the draw in the bar immediately following the AGM in February.

The secretary requested that committee officials submit their annual reports to him by the end of January.

Deakin printers had quoted £225 for the fixure books and £30 for the BOGS booklets. It was the secretary’s intention to seek sponsorship for the fixture book and the cost of £100 for a full page and £50 for a half page was agreed by committee.

It was agreed that the Canning Reed Trophy/Senior Members Club Championship would remain as a NFTR in the fixture book.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that the golf account for 2016 has been completed and audited. He thanked Herbie Meldrum for the prompt audit and his continuous support which is invaluable.

He stated that at the end of the financial year the following balances are held:

Lloyds Current Account: £7574.75

Nationwide building Society: £8803.87

The surplus for the year is £4126.86, but he pointed out that £522 is Draw money and that a charity has not yet been subscribed to. Also, the Handicap Secretary fee paid at the beginning of the year has been refunded by the Welfare. Therefore, approx £1200 of the shown surplus is spurious. He also reminded the committee that he had explained at the last meeting how a further £1700 had been saved on the previous year on Sundries, Expenses, Team Meals and Computer expenses.

He advised that, on this basis, he is confident that the reduction of the members’ levy to £20 was justified.

He added that the Handicap Masters fee for this year is £300, a slight rise on £294 last year.

Senior Organisers Report

The Canning Reed Trophy will now become the “Seniors Club Championship” and will be a net strokeplay competition. The winner will be presented with the original Canning Reed Trophy during our presentation evening.

Any other Business

The secretary confirmed that a member of the Ladies committee, Elisabeth Mitchell, had volunteered to undertake the role of Child Welfare Officer for the golf section.

Mr Neil Gascoigne was still unable to attract a vice captain for the 2017 season.