The following modes of dress are not allowed on the Golf Course.

 Jeans,Tee Shirts, Vests,Untailored Shorts

All footwear other than recognised golf shoes

 Players must be suitably equipped for the game and must not share golf equipment.

Mobile Phones

The use of Mobile phones is allowed in the clubhouse. Please refrain from using them on the course unless in an emergency.


 Backworth Golf Club operates a filter system on the 1st/10th tee.

Groups playing from the 1st tee and those arriving from the 9th green should filter in alternatively.

 Please repair all pitch marks and divots.

Rake bunkers after use and keep all golf equipment at least 2 meters from green.

Please note that visitors must play from the yellow tees





During Members Competitions you may be requested to allow competitors playing from the "white" medal tees to "play through"

In the interest of courtesy please allow them to do so if practical 


Thank you and enjoy your day