Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting
Held at Backworth Hall on the 8TH March 2017

Secretary’s update
The Captains photos are now displayed above the bar.
The Chairman of the Trustees has suggested that the Past Captains photos in the lounge should be moved to an alternative site within the lounge. The Welfare Manager at a recent Trustees meeting confirmed that once painting of the lounge was complete all items relating to the golf section would be re-instated in their original position. The golf section committee wish the photos to be replaced in the original position.
The secretary read out a letter he had produced regarding re-opening the course on a weekend after the ground staff had left. After some discussion the committee decided that this may undermine any decisions made by ground staff and any future decision to re-open should be left to the Trustees.
The constitution has been updated to reflect the changes made to the fixture book rules.
Treasurer’s Report
The treasurer reported that the Current Account stands at £6892 having paid the England Golf and NUGC Affiliation fees of £2432.25. This covered the 201 members who have paid their fees by the end of February, those whose fees are paid by the club plus 6 juniors. He said that the NUGC will approach us later in the year for any outstanding costs for additional members.
He advised that the Draw had been won by Andy Toward who had received a cheque to cover his membership. A further £180 had been paid as lesser prizes. A total of £610 was paid out against receipts of £618.95.
Based on the monies received to date 196 members have paid their levy, the Welfare manager has received more, yet to be collected by Treasurer, and letters have gone out to those outstanding. These people should be aware that they are ineligible for competitions until they have paid.
36 members levy’s were still outstanding.
He said that letters of appreciation had been received by the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and The Children’s Heart Unit for the charity donations.
Any other Business
A number of members had still not paid their golf levy. The committee decided that a notice would be displayed with immediate effect stating that members with outstanding fees would no longer be allowed to play in competitions until they had done so.
There had been some confusion regarding the rules for the winter nines. The committee agreed that clear and precise rules would be put in place before the start of the winter season.
John Robinson 2 has supplied a reconditioned Dyson Hoover. Raffle tickets will be sold to raise funds for the Captains Charity.