Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 11th October 2017

Welfare report

The Welfare Manager reported that there are 17 new members this year.

The ditch running alongside the 2nd fairway is to dredged by contractors working on the new housing estate and new drains and bridges will be installed without cost to the Welfare.

Depending on weather conditions the winter par 3,s will be introduced in the next few weeks.

The proposed siting of a commemorative seat for David Beardall was accepted by the Trustees.  

Treasurer’s Report

Current account:         £8510.01 (3,500 for greens iron.)

Trophy Levies total:    £6543.50  (Last year £6811)

David Beardall bench:            £448.50

The bench requires hardstanding which is still to pay for, and a brass commemoration plate which Bob Lofthouse will  produce.

Captain’s Report

The Captain reported that the league dinner was on the 27th October.

Neil donated two trophies for the Graham Willis competition. One to remain at the club and a replica which will be presented to the winner Steve Anderton.

The committee thanked him for his donation

Senior Organisers Report

Only 12 members attended the seniors AGM.

Board Trophies & Fixture Book

Board Trophies

The committee agreed that the honour boards should reflect the attendance during the David Beardall nines and the Muckhart completion.

The secretary gave 3 options for the siting of the new boards and the committee were in favour of the 3rd option which was to site the 2 new boards (subject to Trustees approval)  to the left of the ladies boards. The Captains and Club Champion would then be moved to this new location and the two new competitions put in their place on the original boards

Fixture Book

The committee agreed that the Gascoigne Trophy should be moved from a Sunday to a Saturday and the Graham Willis Trophy final should be two weeks before the greens are hollow tined in August.