August 2015


A letter has been received from Ian Harrison (County) regarding our intention to remove the out of bounds triangle between the 1st and 10th greens. We have been assured that this will not affect the standard scratch and could be carried out at any time.

Mr Stubbs submitted a proposal to hold a midweek 9 hole stableford competition during the winter months. The committee had no objections to this however they were of the opinion that this should be run from the bar with no fixed tee reservation.

Our application to North Tyneside Council for a £500 grant towards “get into golf” sessions had been rejected on the grounds that we were not in a priority area.

Secretary’s update

102 draw numbers from a possible 220 have been sold.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer apologised in advance for his absence and supplied the following figures:

Golf Levies to date:                £6000

Trophy Levies to date:           £4480

Invitation Day:

Income £346.50

Expenditure £240.00

Realised £106 .50


Team Meals:   £2604.35

Telephone bill: £74 .70

Current Account Balance: £6217.95

He advised that £200 has been received from the Ladies’ Section towards the cost of the ball washer. They have been thanked and informed that the amount was over generous and offered a refund, which they have declined; they said it could also go towards the cost of the squeegees.

Captain’s Report

The Vice Captain reported on behalf of the Captain that the final league match had been played for 2015 and he was disappointed that no representative from the N.D.G.L had attended Backworth during the season.

Senior Organisers Report

Mr Harvey reported that Backworth had won 11-1 against Gosforth but had lost 9-3 away to Whitley Bay. There were 2 games left, Hexham at home and Ponteland away.

Mr Norman Gibson was overall leader in the clubs Seniors Competitions going into the last few games.

Any other Business

A discussion took place about those members who did not honour their starting time on Invitation Day. The committee have decided that on this occasion they will take no further action as the members involved have apologised for their actions.

The Vice Captain will have his Captains Day on Saturday the 23rd July 2016. Due to wedding bookings in the following weeks he may decided to hold his Captains presentation immediately following the game.