Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 9th December 2015


After discussing the proposed entry in the fixture book with the Welfare Manager, informing members that fairway mats would be in use from the 1st November, an agreement was reached that the following should be inserted as an alternative:

Fairway mats may be introduced at short notice during October or November depending on course
conditions. Members should ensure  they have one readily available during this period

The secretary had spoken to John Robinson regarding the dates for hollow coring and suggested that he discuss the issue with Paul Himlin. The committee agreed that this discussion should take place.

Secretary’s update

A new high pressure hose had been purchased for the compressor.

58 members and guests had attended the presentation night.

Entertainment had been arranged for the draw to win a year’s golf at a cost of £60. It was agreed to present one winner with a year’s free golf and another 4 members would have their golf levy paid by the golf committee.

The secretary noted that the 5 year rolling programme for the golf course appeared to have fallen into disuse. He suggested that the plan be updated and revised and requested permission to take this matter up with the Trustees.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer reported the following figures for the end of the year:

Golf Levies to date:    £6225 ( -£325 on last year. i.e.13 members.)

Trophy Levies:           £6070 ( -£38 0n last year)

Annual Dinner:           Income £765. Dr £897.25 (inc Bar Bill £146.15 which is

-£132.25 on last year, so well done to all concerned.)

Trophies:                    £1600 (+£136 on last year.)

Thanks to Bob Lofthouse for generous discount of £200.

Bank Balance currently:         £5140

Any other Business

The President thanked all those involved in organising the Annual Dinner and Presentation Night

Mr Thompson reported that the two league friendly matches against Bedlington would be played on the 13th and 21st April 2016 and Neil Gascoigne and himself  had attended the NDGL AGM.

Mr Thompson then reported that our acting Chairman Jim Renwick had been elected as Vice Chairman of the NDGL and would take up the post of Chairman in 2017 for a two year period.

The committee congratulated Jim on his appointment and noted that it had been over 30 years since a member of Backworth had been league Chairman.

The committee agreed to present Lorraine with £50 worth of vouchers before her retirement at the end of December. Mr Harvey will present Lorraine with a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the seniors section.

Mr Renwick officially welcomed Neil Gascoigne to the committee and concluded by thanking the outgoing Chairman Mr R.A.Burdess for his hard work and dedication during his time in the role.