Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 8th February 2016

Secretary’s update

Sports and Leisure who normally print our fixture books have gone into liquidation. Deakin printers will be printing the books at a cost of £215.

Deadline for AGM notices of motion and applications to join the committee had passed with no new submissions.

It is hoped that a new scheme will be introduced to encourage existing members to introduce new members.

England Golf are running a half day workshop to update clubs on the changes to the handicap system.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that the annual account was completed and audited. He thanked Mr Meldrum for his prompt action.

He stated that although the surplus for last year is shown as £1966.61, the draw for membership amounted to £611.30 and this has been carried over to the new account. The real surplus is £1355.31.

The membership draw resulted in one full membership being paid and four members having their £25 levy covered. He congratulated Mr Milton on his concept and organisation of the event.

Membership levies are coming in more slowly than usual because of the course condition.

He reminded the committee that the England Golf fee has increased by £1 per member, The membership being that reflected at 30 June 2015. He is awaiting the figure from the Welfare and will pay by the end of this month.

Any other Business

Mr N. Gascoigne requested that Backworth submit a proposal at the next NDGL AGM to divide the league into two divisions. Mr Renwick described the process that would have to be followed before submitting the proposal.

The committee were informed that an updated till system is to be installed and all members will receive a smart card for use at the till. it was suggested that sweep money could be added to a members card instead of receiving cash.

The golf committee had been requested to discuss a proposal from the Trustees to encourage junior members under 15 from the other sections to have use of the golf course. Committee members were in favour of this proposal however the practicality of such a scheme would have to be discussed in depth before implementation.