Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 4th February 2015


Matters Arising.

Mr Carruthers announced that after a proposal from the golf committee the Trustees had agreed to offer Herbie Meldrum Honorary life membership of the Golf Club and would in future only have to pay his Welfare fee.

Mr Thompson pointed out that his attendance at the previous meeting had been omitted from the January minutes.


The secretary stated that he had received a “notice of motion” after the closing date of Friday 30th January and enquired if this should be accepted.

As the AGM advertised in the fixture book was a week later than the actual AGM the committee agreed that it should be accepted however a similar letter had already been received by the Trustees who were dealing with this matter.

 Although this “notice of motion” will be read out at the AGM no discussion will take place and no vote taken as it is outside the remit of the golf section.

Secretary's update

There was no update.

Treasurer's Report

Golf Levies to date :   £3200              Last Year:       £3525

Expenditure:   NUGC& Eng Golf:     £2816.50         (£65 less)

                        League fees:               £200

                        H/cap Masters:           £294

                        Telephone:                  £73.66

                        Total:                          £3383


Surplus for 2014 shows £2610.33, but £791.20 was transferred from the Junior Account and £250 is committed to the Captain's Charity - just need the address.

Real Surplus for year: £1569

 Welfare report

Golf Club Membership subscriptions coming in very slowly, 189 to date (compared to 191 at this time last year) It was noted that although subscriptions to the Welfare  have been paid, a lot of members playing in winter competitions have not yet paid their £25 levy. Mr Burdess said he would pass this on to Golf committee’s notice.                                                                                                                     

Health and Safety Issues: following meetings with Greens staff a lot of clearing work has been completed in workshop and garages and Compound.                                                                                               

Mr. Burdess:   raised the following matters:   

   1) Flag Pole:  he had contacted the Contractor at Cramlington who was demolishing an old Factory and the said flag pole (26ft. long) can be collected, only haulage was a problem. Mr. Reay is to make enquiries with regard to hire of same.   

 2) Mr. Herbie Meldrum: Trustees were asked on behalf of the Golf committees’ request at January meeting,  to award Honorary golf Club membership, due to the fact he had not played, but paid fees for many years, and had served on Committee as long term handicap committee member, working for  every weekend and also mid week competitions. In addition, for his service to Backworth and Northumberland Junior Golf for over 20 years.  This was accepted unanimously and Mr. Meldrum will continue only to pay his welfare fee.      

Handicap Secretary’s Report.

Mr  McLean reported that the last 2 Winter league competitions had been cancelled due to inclement weather and the knockout stages would commence after the Captains Drive In on the 1st March. He reported that the Texas Scramble before the Drive In would be well attended.

Captain’s Report

There was no captains report.

Senior Organisers Report

Mr Harvey informed the committee that the Seniors Invitation Day on Thursday June 25th 2015 had been finalised and added to the fixture book.

The committee agreed to his request for the Senior league team to be allowed to play the 5th off the white tee during their home games.

Any other Business

The secretary reported that he had been in touch with England Golf and requested confirmation of the lift in the standard scratch off the white tees before our AGM.

He then requested that he be allowed to send a letter to the Trustees regarding the answer phone, which he believed needed updating .


The outgoing captain Trevor Gascoigne concluded the meeting by thanking the committee for their help during his year in office.