Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 8th July 2015

Matters Arising.

The Chairman reported that he had spoken to Mr D Stewart regarding a recent competition disqualification.


There was no correspondence

Secretary’s update

97 numbers from the available 220 to win a years golf have currently been sold.

Mr Danny Finlay from the NUGC has inspected the out of bounds triangle between the 1st and 10th greens. We are awaiting written confirmation of his recommendations.

Treasurer’s Report

Golf levies to date:                 £5875               (last year £6025  -£150)

Trophy Levies to date:           £3140               (last year £3370  -£230)

Team Meals:                           £2137,55

Current Account:                    £5150.00

 He advised that the flowers for Saturday night have been ordered.

 Welfare report

Mr. Milton asked if any progress has been made with this matter. Mr. Stubbs in reply said he and Mr. Himlin had discussed the situation, pond is totally dry, possibly because new outfall drain installed to discharge water from field ditch behind Castle Park is not allowing any seepage of water into the pond.  A rough cost of materials (30metres x 15metres) can vary between £500 – £1000.  Mr. Stubbs added there are also a number of wet areas on the course which will have to be investigated during the winter season. 

  Active North Tyneside Community Fund: Mrs. Turner asked if Mr. Milton had been successful with his meeting. Mr. Milton said the application for a £500 grant would come from the golf section for Golf Taster sessions, and had been approved by the Men’s Golf Committee. Result is awaited.

     Nursery Trees:  Mr. Stubbs in a recent joint course inspection with Mr. Himlin, had identified several areas where further young trees could be planted from the area adjacent to the 1st/10th holes, but also warned there are a number of the older trees, which are dying off and should also be replaced.

 1.) Current golf membership is 297 as opposed to 301 (2014), but had further recent enquiries.                                  2.) Received £38 from Golf Plan.                                                                                                                                               3.) Golf lockers (small locker room): Received a quote £3795 for 30 lockers from firm who              manufactured and supplied lockers (large room). Mr. Reay queried cost, suggested £70 + delivery.                       4.) Visitors Fees: are £3300 up on same period (2014)                                                                                                                5.) Overall financial situation is satisfactory                                                                                                                            6.)  Greens Staff holidays are imminent over the next 6 weeks, and one young man (Dan, from the Cricket section) and on vacation from College, is being employed to look after lawns and grounds maintenance, no further prospects of employing a grant funded apprentice.

   Mrs. Turner enquired the proposed possible changes to Out of Bounds on 1st/10th Hole. Mr. Milton replied, he and Mr. Peter Thompson had a recent on course meeting with N.U.G.C. executive member Mr. Danny Findlay, who took notes. A reply with recommendations or approval etc. will be forwarded in due course.                                                                                                                                  

 Handicap Secretary’s Report.

The handicap secretary reported that the July medal had been cancelled due to inclement weather. The Thompsons Cup and Tankard are on schedule and Captains Day had been a success despite the delayed start.

Captain’s Report

The vice captain reported that our league team had achieved a hard fought draw against Tynemouth

In the absence of the Captain he passed on his thanks to committee members and ground staff for their help in clearing water from the course to allow the Captains competition to commence.

Senior Organisers Report

Mr Harvey reported that Backworth Seniors had won 8-4 against the City and were currently in 2nd place with a game in hand to Blyth.

Any other Business

Mr Renwick was concerned that during a Wednesday monthly medal visitors were only allowed on the course between 10.30am -2.30pm. During a recent medal 12 visitors had been turned away after 2.30pm resulting in an immediate loss of revenue to the Welfare and possible future loss.

He noted that if visitors had arrived shortly before 2.30pm they would be allowed on the course and could see no reason for this cut-off point as any visitors who started their round before 2.30pm would still be on the course well into the evening.

Mr Carruthers stated that this had been introduced so that members could play in the competition after they finished work, without being delayed by visitors.

After some discussion the handicap secretary was requested to compile a list of numbers of members who started their round after 3pm to ascertain whether to continue with the 2.30pm cut-off  point in 2016.

Mr McLean noted that on Sundays with no fixed tee reservations visitors who arrived to play early morning had no means of paying for their round as the Hall is closed until 11.00am.

Mr Harvey stated that some members had rang the answer phone on Captains Day and were informed that the course was closed. Mr Thompson agreed that that was the case at 6.30am however it had been re-opened later and members playing in the first block were contacted by phone where possible to inform them of that fact.

Mr Beadling reported that the Past Captains Triangular had been played at Blyth. Although turnout was below expected numbers those who did attend had an enjoyable day. The 2016 competition will be played at Backworth.