Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 10th June 2015

Chairman’s opening remarks


The Chairman opened the meeting by congratulating Neil Gascoigne on becoming Club Champion 2015

Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting, having been circulated, were taken as read and adopted on the proposal of Mr J. Reay and seconded by Mr P Thompson.

Matters Arising.

The golf section now have 3 roller squeegees and a ball washer for the 1st/10th tee


A letter was read out from Mr D Stewart regarding his disqualification in a recent competition and an email from Mr D Bailey which related to that disqualification.

The Chairman will respond to Mr Stewart and the secretary will reply to Mr Bailey.

Mr W Stubbs had submitted a plan and email regarding the golf sections proposal to alter the internal  out of bounds triangle between the 1st and 10th greens. Mr Stubbs stressed that this was a private response as a member of the golf club and had not been submitted on behalf of the Trustees. The golf section were impressed with the plan that Mr Stubbs had submitted and have forwarded his proposal to the County Executive for their attention.

Secretary’s update

The golf section now has a dedicated website at a cost of £60 for 3 years. This is a work in progress and subject to change however once completed there will be links too and from the Welfare website and our facebook page.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer advised that:

Golf Levies to date:    £5800 (-£200 as at last year)

Trophy Levies to date:           £2402

Team Meals to date:   1606.25

£727.50 spent on ball washer and squeegees.

Mr Rudling requested that, following a discussion with Mrs Pearson, only 18 meals be ordered in future for team meals (not seniors) because she has advised that it is rare that 20 turn up and she can cater for the extra if necessary. This will save £16 for each home session.

The Vice Captain ,Mr Thompson, will pass this request on to the Captain.

  Welfare report

Current Golf Membership: is 295 compared to 296 in 2014, however there are 24 new adult members, compared to the loss of junior members from last year, generating more income.                                         

Golf visitor’s fees:  have increased by £4k in comparison to 2014, mainly due to the number of visitors paying £10 for 9 holes only.                                                                                                                                               

Mr. Milton queried the standard of dress code and situation with visitors sharing one golf bag, following a recent incident on the Golf Course, he stated that he had made and put a framed notice on the Bar counter where Steward/staff took the course fees. Also queried where do visitors pay when Bar door is locked.  Mr. Stubbs noted and commented there was genuine difficulty occasionally to police the dress code issue. With regard to Golf fees there is an honesty box in the Hall entrance when staff is unavailable.

Tree Planting and Golf Practice Area: Following a recent inspection of this area, adjacent to 1st/10th Fairway, it was suggested that some of the more established trees could be re-planted on other areas of the course where some of the older trees were beginning to fail, this would enable some of the area to be reclaimed for the practice area. Trustees to inspect and comment before this work is carried out.                                                                                                                                                                   

Removal of Tree and rebuilding of the Boundary wall: Approval given and this work to be started imminently.

Condition of Culvert at 3rd. Hole: A further recent inspection has been carried out by Engineer from North Tyneside Council, a further concern was the location of a gas main within the culvert in the boundary of the highway, responsibility of the P.U. and Council. 

 Handicap Secretary’s Report.

Mr Meldrum reported that the competition start sheets were being defaced on a regular basis resulting in players turning up and not being able to play due to lack of partners . A notice will be posted reminding all players that it is not permissible to alter the start sheet and any alterations must be carried out by a member of the golf committee. 

Captain’s Report

The Vice Captain Mr Thompson reported that our league team were still in good spirits despite a number of recent closely fought defeats. It was noted that Backworth had a limited number of category 1 players and it was proving difficult to win matches against teams who had more choice in player selection. Despite our obvious handicap we have still managed to amass a number of points. The Captain and Vice Captain wished it known that they are proud of the teams spirit and efforts. As are the golf committee.

 Comments have been made by visiting league players about the length of grass on the greens although it was noted that the rest of the course was in excellent condition. Further representation will be made to the Welfare Manager and Park Superintendant regarding this issue.

Senior Organisers Report

Mr McKeen reported that Backworth Seniors were second in the league and as yet had not been beaten. He also reported that if the scoring system were changed to 3 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and no points for a loss then Backworth would currently be top of the league.

Senior Invitation Day has reluctantly been cancelled due to lack of support. This event had been requested by senior members at the AGM and the lack of support was disappointing.

Any other Business

There was a lengthy discussion about the circumstances surrounding a recent competition disqualification and the rules pertaining to competition entry. The Chairman had been in contact with the County Executive seeking clarification and read out correspondence from the County regarding this issue.

 The committee were made aware that a wedding had been booked on Captains Day and there would be limited rooms available to the golf section.

 Mr Beadling reported that the sheet for the past captains competition was to be posted in the locker room.

 The secretary requested permission to apply for a £500 grant from North Tyneside Council to be used for “get into golf” taster sessions. The committee agreed to this.

Furth details will follow if our application is successful.