Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 18th March 2015


Chairman’s opening remarks


The Chairman opened the meeting by congratulating John Robinson (Captain) and Peter Thompson (Vice Captain). He hoped they would have an enjoyable year in office. He also thanked the committee for standing for re-election.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting, having been circulated, were taken as read and adopted on the proposal of Mr J. Reay and seconded by Mr T Gascoigne.

Matters Arising.

The President thanked Mr Burdess and Mr Robinson for procuring and transporting the new flag pole, which is now sited beside the putting green.

Formation of Sub Committees

Handicap committee: Mr McLean and Mr Meldrum

Disciplinary committee: Chairman, Secretary and the Captain plus two further members as required. Should there be a conflict of interest involving any of these officers the composition can be changed.

Joint working party: Mr Burdess, Mr Milton, Mr Robinson and when required Mr McLean.

Child Welfare Officer: Mr Burdess.


There was a brief discussion on the draft buggy policy that had been submitted by the Trustees.

Secretary's update

The secretary reported that the new standard scratch certificate had arrived from England Golf.

New yardage markers are being installed on the tee boxes.

The golf section now has a new email address: backworthgolfclub@outlook.com

The committee agreed that a golf section questionnaire could be displayed in the locker room.

The committee agreed to a proposal from the secretary that the golf section introduce a draw to win a years free golf.

The golf sections page on the Welfare website is no longer being updated. The secretary requested that this matter be taken to the Trustees with a request that the golf section be given access to the golf page so that it can be updated on a regular basis.

The secretary also discussed starting a new website for the golf section should the Trustees not agree to access.

Treasurer's Report

Golf levies to date: £5075 which is £175 down on the previous year.

Expenditure: £250 to the Sir Bobby Robson fund has been cleared and a letter of thanks received.

Green fees have been paid for the captain and handicap secretary £798

The flowers for Captains night were £70. An increase of £10 on previous years to maintain the standard.

Team meals will cost £7.95 per member, which is the same as last year. Projected cost is £2500

Northumberland County Cards are on sale at £10 for those members over 65.

 Welfare report

New Flag Pole: Mr. Burdess said he had ,with the assistance of Club Captain (John Robinson 2), managed to deliver the flagpole, and asked if it could be erected before Inter County Foursomes (Preliminary Round 28th March).   Matter in hand with Local Blacksmith and Mr. Hamlin to erect same.                                                                                                                                                                                         2.  Grounds staff Apprentice: contact terminated by mutual agreement.  

          3.  £25 levy to Men’s Golf Section: Mr. Burdess brought this matter to Trustees attention and after discussion, a suggestion of posting a notice naming members who were ineligible to continue playing In Club competitions, until they had paid their dues.                                                                                                                 

Golf Course works: Mr. Robinson explained that recent hire of mini excavator and driver meant drainage works on 2nd/4th Fairways was almost completed,  100mm. dia. wavincoil drains, gravel filled and linked into a main drain and out- falling into ditch.   

   4th Fairway – Large Bunker on left hand size has been part filled in and the small grass island in the middle removed.

Visitor’s fees: £500 taken over the recent weeks.


Mr. Stubbs referred to letter and also Notice of Motion to Men’s A.G.M., from Messrs. M. York and A.  Riding, with regard to the use of ride- on Golf Buggies. 

      In response Mr. Stubbs with the help from Mr. Wilkinson had drawn up a draft Buggy Policy based on a compilation of advice from various Golf Clubs, and E.G.U. This policy is to be sent to Golf Committees for their observations, to draw up a decisive policy for members.

Handicap Secretary’s Report.

There was no handicap secretary’s report

Captain’s Report

  The captain reported that his drive-in and Captains handover had been well supported.

In the Mail on Sunday competition Backworth had been beaten by Wallsend.

Senior Organisers Report

The City had hosted the pre-season meeting and the first home game will be against Westerhope.

Any other Business

A discussion took place about the role that the greens committee take in the running and maintenance of the golf course.

The chairman of the greens committee, Mr Milton, voiced his concern that the committee had no authority and could only suggest improvements to the Welfare Manager.

The committee voted unanimously to disband the greens committee. This was proposed by Mr Gascoigne and seconded by Mr McKeen.

The golf committee will approach the Trustees and request that the Welfare Manager submit a quarterly report to the golf committee in advance of any proposed work which is outside the daily maintenance of the course.

A discussion took place about trolley storage in the locker room