Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 11th November 2015

Matters Arising.

Mr P Thompson (captain elect) informed the committee that Mr Neil Gascoigne had accepted the position of vice captain in 2016.

Neil was duly invited into the committee room and congratulated by the current captain Mr J Robinson and the rest of the committee.

Secretary’s update

Mr Milton informed the committee that the draw to win a year’s golf was now closed and all of the 220 numbers on offer had been filled. After some discussion it was decided in the inaugural year to return all of the money to the members.

First drawn number will win a year’s free golf which includes their welfare fees and golf levy. In addition further draws will be made and the winners will have their golf levy paid by the golf section.

The draw will be made on Saturday 19th December and all members will be invited to attend with their partners and guests.

Mr Milton hoped to arrange some entertainment for the evening.

Total numbers for presentation night are currently 51. The Captain requested permission to bring one guest to the evening and the committee agreed to this.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer stated that there was no significant change in the finances since the last meeting, the figures for which were in the minutes.

He advised that the England Golf affiliation fee is to increase by £1 per member to £8.25, and the NUGC levy will remain at £3.50 per member. The total per member will be £11.75; however, he saw no reason why the £25 golf levy should be increased as the funds are healthy.

The draw organised by the Secretary is sold out and has realised £550. He complimented the Secretary on this innovation.

Handicap Secretary’s Report.

Mr McLean informed the committee that he was in possession of most of the trophies for presentation night and the rest would follow shortly.

Competitions are up to date however a Muckhart competition had recently been cancelled due to inclement weather.

George Sales and Eric Walker are currently top of the winter league.

Captain’s Report

Members of the league team had attended the League Dinner. During the evening Stewart Gardner was presented with Backworth’s League Team Player of the year.

Any other Business

After some discussion the committee agreed that mats should be introduced on the 1st November each year to prevent excessive damage to the course. The secretary will discuss this matter with the Welfare Manager and will add this to the fixture book with a note that they may be introduced earlier if conditions deteriorate before that time.

Mr Milton requested that the committee consider any improvements to the course in preparation for the next meeting.

Mr McKeen read out an email from Geoff Harrison (seniors league) regarding interest from Wallsend to join the league.