Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 13th April 2016


Secretary’s update

9 hole competition cards had been ordered from Deakin Printers at a cost of £75 + vat.

Treasurer’s Report

Bank Balance: £4447

£2000 transferred from current account to Building Society.

Golf levies to date: £5375 (Last year at this time £5400)

Trophy levies: £588

£128 received so far from 9’s competition registration.

There has been no significant expenditure since the last meeting.

Handicap Secretary’s Report.

Winter League knockout final was won by Neil Gascoigne and Dean Bailey

Mr Pearson thanked Malcolm McLean and Herbie Meldrum for their continued support.

Captain’s Report

The Captain reported that Neil Gascoigne and himself had won their Inter County Foursomes preliminary round at Walkworth however in the first round they lost to Stocksfield, after a very close game.

Peter and Neil will play in the Thompson Shield where they will have a chance to meet this year’s Captains and Vice Captains.

Graham Wilcock and Bob Farrell played  in the Daily Mail foursomes against  Whitley Bay. Despite a valiant effort they lost on the last hole.

Senior Organisers Report

The seniors team had taken part in 2 practice matches and their first game of the season was due to take place shortly.

Any other Business

A discussion took place about the possibility of increasing the number of buggies.

Mr Beadling suggested the Golf Committee prepare a full assessment of our requirements before we approach the Welfare Manager and Trustees. This would include: Number of extra buggies required, type of containers and siting , power supplies, access to buggies for our members including car parking and buggy paths around the course. This should all be costed and plans produced before submission to the Trustees. It was agreed that a subcommittee would be formed to collate the evidence.

Communication had been received from Ian Harrison regarding a seminar to update clubs Child Welfare Officers. The secretary pointed out that the golf section did not have a CWO however Mr R.A Burdess held the post on behalf of the Trustees. He stated that he would contact Mr Burdess to enquire whether he would be able to attend.

Peter Thompson informed the committee that the new County Captain had approached him with regard to the county juniors using Backworth as a training facility. If the county captain makes official contact with the club regarding this proposal then details would be passed on to the Trustees for their attention.

A discussion took place about non qualifying winter four ball competitions and whether individual players could have their handicaps cut under local rules.

Mr T Gascoigne brought to the attention of the committee that some members were using the head of their putter to retrieve the ball from the hole and this practice was damaging the hole. The handicap secretary stated that he would attach a notice to the board informing members that if they were not able to bend down to retrieve the ball by hand a recognised ball retriever should be used.

Mr. Meldrum informed the committee that category one players had queried whether their handicaps could be altered during 9 hole competitions. The handicap committee had been informed by CONGU that this was allowed under rule 22 however this did not apply if supplementary scores were submitted.

The handicap secretary informed the committee that junior numbers were increasing and he would be willing to take on the role of junior organiser.

After lengthy discussion it was agreed that any money collected from 9 hole competitions would be paid out as per the agreement reached at the March committee meeting. I.e. £1 entry into each competition would be compulsory and 70% of money collected would be returned in prize money. In addition the wording on the competition notice would be amended from sweep money to prize money to prevent any ambiguity. The committee agreed that 30% of the prize money collected would be made available for use by the junior section once this was established.