Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 9th August 2017

Secretary’s update

The secretary reported excessive usage of our internet connection and had changed the wi-fi password to prevent unauthorised access

Treasurer’s Report

Current account Balance:        £8048

Golf Levies to date:                £4760 ( one additional member since last meetng.)

Competition levies to date:     £4786

Invitation Day gain:                £120


Team meals for July:               £567.40 (includes rearranged Seniors with Stocksfield).

Phone Bill:                              £81.89

Handicap Secretary’s Report.

The final of the Graham Willis Trophy will be between Steve Anderton and James McCarthy.

A number of fixtures have been re-arranged for September

Captain’s Report

3 league games have been played since the last meeting and Backworth won 1 lost 2.

The club are currently top of the unofficial food league.

Senior Organisers Report

The seniors had played 3 games since the last meeting and had won 1 lost 2.

Any other Business

There had been difficulty arranging the provision of a new Trophy cabinet. The committee decided to postpone the project until a future date.

A discussion took place about the honour boards and the inclusion of the David Beardall Nines and Muckhart on the boards. It was suggested that some of the less supported competitions could be dropped from the boards to accommodate the new categories. Mr N Gascoigne stated that he was prepared to collate information about competition attendance and it was suggested that a subcommittee be set up to examine future competition recognition.  

Mr Pearson had visited Margaret and Geoff Beardall to thank them for the donation to the golf section by David. The family have suggested that a commemorative seat be purchased from the money to honour David.

Junior fees were discussed and the committee agreed that for a 1 year trial period help would be given by the golf section to encourage existing juniors to remain at the club.