Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 14th December 2016

Secretary’s update

The Trustees have decided to remove all trolley’s from the men’s locker room as they are a health and safety risk to members entering the washroom. Members have until the end of December to carry out these instructions. To date there are still approximately 40 trolley’s in the area.

56 members attended our Presentation Evening and Annual Dinner (57 in 2015)

39 numbers still to sell in the annual draw to win a year’s golf out of a total of 250.

Mr Himlin has been requested to monitor the condition of the bunkers and re-instate them if conditions improve. Rake and place will be introduced for a trial period if bunkers are re-instated.

A members incentive scheme will be introduced in 2017. Existing members will receive £25 off  2018 fees for every new member they introduce to the club in 2017 providing both members re-join in 2018.

 It is hoped that smart cards will be introduced in 2017.

 Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer reported that he expected little change by the end of the year to the figures given in this report.

Current Acc: £6967

Golf levies: £5975 (£6225 last year -£250) However some golf levies were paid from annual draw for membership.

Competition Levies: £6861. (£6070 last year +£741)

Annual Membership Draw: To date £304, but more to come in.

Annual Dinner:Loss of £52. ( Dinner £672, Bar Bill £145)

He advised that he had completed a pre-balance of the account which shows a healthy surplus in excess of the previous year (£1966). This is mainly due to approximately£1700 being saved on last year from: Sundries (£810), Expenses (£122), Team Meals (£662), and Computer Expenses (£117).

He proposed that, in the light of this expected surplus, the Golf Levy for 2017 be £20 per member instead of £25, which would help to allay the expected rise in overall membership for 2017. He emphasised that this should be for a trial year and expected to lose approximately £1400  as a result. He requested the Secretary to stress in the club on-line bulletin that this is a one year deal, as it might be necessary to revert to present charges.

He informed the committee of the revised requirements of England Golf and the NUGC. The fees per member and for 2017 will remain unchanged and payment must be made on 1 March 2017 reflecting the total male membership, including juniors, at that time.

Captain’s Report

The Captain congratulated our Chairman, Jim Renwick, on his appointment as Chairman of the Newcastle and District Golf League. This is a great accolade, not only for Jim, but for Backworth Golf Club.He also informed the committee that Steven Finlay was the new secretary of the League.