Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 14th February 2018

Matters Arising.

Mr Beadling had spoken to the Welfare Manager regarding his decision to remove the left hand bunker past the fingers on the 2nd hole. The bunker will now be left in situ until further discussion has taken place.


Correspondence had been received from Mr R Jordan regarding green sizes. The Trustees will reply to Mr Jordan.

An email was also received from Mr D Bailey regarding a/ fee increases, which will be dealt with by the Trustees b/ Mr Bailey suggested in his email that competition fees should be reduced or removed and the levy increased so that all members of the club would contribute to the future of the club. The treasurer gave several reasons why this would not be appropriate. c/ Mr Bailey suggested that those members who won multiple competitions should receive one trophy or vouchers. The committee have already agreed to this.

The secretary reported that the R and A are running a 9 hole qualifying competition. 

Secretary’s update

The secretary reported that Mr Himlin had started work on the re-siting of the practice net. Work will be completed once the ground is dry enough to work on.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that the Current Account Balance is: £4840 and the Golf Levies received to date are: £3120 (156 members).The levies at this time last year were £3480 (174 members).

He advised that we need to pay the NUGC and England Golf Affiliation fees at the end of February for membership at that time. We need to pay for 166, which is approximately 100 short of our final membership last year.  As things stand, the sum will be £2199.50, but there should be more levies paid by the end of the month.

He added that we have paid our Northumberland and District League fees of £200, and that the Intercounty Fours has been paid for at £30.

The telephone bill is £88.52; it was £77.98 last year. He said that there had been a problem with the phone because on one day it had been continuously giving the engaged tone and wondered if we need a new phone.

The Treasurer advised that the positioning of the David Beardall seat has cost £108.50 and he expressed his thanks to Dave Little for the work. The total spent on the seat set against the inheritance of £1000 is £622.76 and he hoped that the Golf section has done Mr Beardall proud.

He expressed concern that the normal charge of £8.99 for PlusNet is £18.99 for February.

With regard to the late payment of Golf Levies, he stated that individual members are responsible for the payment of NUGC and England Golf fees, although the Golf Section does this for them, and should not be playing or entering competitions until their levy is paid. De Facto, they are not members until this is paid. He added that he would mention this in his presentation at the AGM but feels that he will be preaching to the converted.

Any other Business

Messrs Jack Reay and Jeff Beadling wished the committee well during 2018 and informed the new Captain, Roy McKeen, that they would assist him during his year in office if needed.

Mr Meldrum suggested that members were having difficulty collecting sweep winnings because the committee room was not occupied most of the week and requested that we consider alternative arrangements. Various options were considered including adding the winnings to a members card, if and when the Trustees can afford to purchase them. This system would ensure that any money accrued by a member would be channelled back to the Welfare via the bar. A list of outstanding winnings will be posted on the notice board and the newsletter.

The outgoing Chairman, Mr Jim Renwick, thanked the committee for their support during his time in office and wished them well in the future. He wished Roy McKeen well during his year and informed him that he would be more than willing to assist him if needed.