Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 10th January 2018

Matters Arising.

At a previous meeting the secretary had reported that Mr Himlin had been requested by the Welfare to grass over the left hand bunker on the second hole just after the fingers and remove the artificial matting from the 3rd medal tee and re-seed. These alterations were not mentioned in either the previous 5 year rolling program or the current 1 year program and therefore Mr Carruthers was requested to bring these proposed alterations to the attention of the Trustees for discussion at their next meeting in February. In the meantime Mr Beadling will speak to the Welfare Manager to ascertain the reason why Mr Himlin had been instructed to carry out the work.


A letter was read out from Mr R Jordan regarding green size. This will be taken to the Trustees meeting in February for discussion.

Secretary’s update

The secretary reported the Mrs J Turner had resigned as Chairperson of the JWP due to health reasons. 

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer advised that he had little to add to the information given at the last meeting other than he had completed the accounts for the year and had passed them for audit.

The actual deficiency for the year differed slightly from that estimated at the last meeting and, subject to audit, is: £3226.16.

He said that he has received the invoice from Handicap Master for £306.

He added that BT have advised us that the standing charge for the phone will be increased from £22.50 to £23.40.

The Treasurer reported that he would not be standing for re-election in 2019