Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 8th June 2016


The secretary had been in touch with a representative of Smart Utility Management who has offered to sponsor our score cards, which are due for renewal this year.

Secretary’s update

The brochures for the Hall have now been printed. They are available in the Hall and will be distributed in the local area in due course.

Verbal complaints had been received by the secretary regarding the length of the greens during the club championship. The secretary has spoken to Paul Himlin regarding these complaints.

Treasurer’s Report

Bank Balance:            £6017

Golf levies:                 £5575 ( Last year £5800 -7 members)

Trophy Levies:           £2734.30 (Last year £2502)

Team Meals May:      £567.00 (total £826)

There has been no other significant expenditure since last meeting.

Welfare report

There was no Welfare report however Mr Carruthers mentioned that the heating system will have to be upgraded in the near future and C.I.S.W.O are scaling down their operations in the North East.

Handicap Secretary’s Report.

There was no handicap secretary’s report however it was suggested that some of the 9 hole competitions could be moved to a Sunday when the course was quite.

Captain’s Report

The Captain reported that Backworth had played 4 league games since the last meeting, 3 away and 1 at home. Unfortunately Backworth had lost all of the away games however they beat Newbiggin 7-5 at home. The team are currently lying 15th  in the league.

The second division team championship will be played in the next week and Lee Matthewson, Neil Gascoigne and James Cockburn will represent the club.

Senior Organisers Report

Backworth had suffered a 7-5 defeat against Ponteland at home but had beat Westerhope 7-5 away. At Bedlington the team lost 11-1

Any other Business

Mr Harvey informed the committee that the new Senior polo shirts sponsored by Bluefox Catering  had been selling well.

Mr. Beadling informed the committee that the Past Captains Triangular was on the 1st of July and a notice would be posted in the locker room. The secretary will send out an email to members informing them of that fact.

Mr Pearson was concerned that the Welfare only have one serviceable buggy at the moment. The Captain suggested the possibility of leasing them.

A member has reported that items have gone missing from his golf bag, which was left in the second locker room. Members should be aware that this is not a secure area and they are advised to refrain from leaving personal items in this room.

The handicap secretary suggested that the Club Championship and Alan Crosby be played on separate weekends. The committee decided to discuss his suggestion before the AGM in February 2017.