Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 14th March 2018

Chairman’s Opening Remarks

The Chairman welcomed Martin Young and Dave Griffiths to the committee.

He then invited the Captain to introduce his Vice Captain Lee Coward.

Matters Arising.

Mr Carruthers requested clarification on the Welfare Managers decision to remove the left hand bunker over the fingers on the 2nd hole. The secretary reported that after consultation between Mr Beadling and the Manager he had agreed to delay the removal until further discussion about its future.

 Mr Meldrum reported that an official would be available in the committee room from 2pm until 4pm on a Saturday and 12.00 noon until 2pm on a Sunday for members who wished to collect outstanding prizes and money. It was also suggested that Mr Harvey be given access to the money in the event that no official was available.

It was decided to purchase a new telephone for the committee room.


The secretary reported a conversation with Mr Danny Findley from the NUGC regarding the upcoming changes to the handicap system. Mr Findley reported that members handicaps would automatically rise above 28 when competition scores were recorded on the computer and he encouraged all clubs within the jurisdiction of the NUGC to refrain from setting a handicap limit for competitions. The committee decided to set no restrictions for the 2018 season either for existing or new members and review the results before the 2019 season.

An email had been received from Mr D Bailey suggesting alternative methods of payment for the levy including PayPal and BACS. Various options were discussed including setting up a separate account for the collection of fees however the Treasurer was reluctant to move to any system which would entail the disclosure to members of our bank account details. He did however agree to request details of any electronic payment methods and costs from the golf sections bank.

Secretary’s update

Bob Lofthouse, who has supplied our trophies for many years has retired, therefore the club will have to source new suppliers. The secretary showed the committee a range of crystal glasses and tankards and gave them an approximate cost for their consideration.

The fixture books are with the printers and should be delivered in the next couple of weeks.

The JWP between the Ladies and Men’s committee’s will resume in April.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that:

Current Account Balance: £2217.49

Golf Levies received to date: £3520 (176 members)

NUGC & England Golf Fees: £2424.75 (183 members) paid first week in March.

He said that the office is checking on those standing orders where  the £20 is outstanding. Based on last year’s total figures we are approx 70 members down on payment. We should be able to establish soon who has not paid and he suggested that we then name them through the Newsletter.

He requested the Secretary to place a notice in the Newsletter advising members that they must attach their up to date membership tag to their bags, and he requested members of the committee to pursue this on the course.

He added that he has ordered the flowers for Meet The Captain Night.

   Any other Business

The committee congratulated Roy McKeen on his appointment as President of the NUGC Seniors section.