Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 11th May 2016

Matters Arising.

The Treasurer confirmed that he was in agreement with the decision to return 70% of any monies collected from the nine hole competitions to the members whilst retaining 30% for use by the Junior section once established.

Mr Burdess was to contact Ian Harrison and ask him to send a distance learning pack to keep him abreast of the changes to the Child Welfare Officers role.


The secretary had been in verbal contact with the Welfare Chairman regarding proposed drainage work to the course. he had requested that we discuss his proposal that the golf section provide funds for the hire of a mini digger.

Mr Carruthers had received a letter from Jim Alan regarding the road culvert over the stream running across the front of the 3rd tee box. The local authority were aware of the damage to the culvert however they did not see this as a priority despite the warnings from the Welfare that it was in a dangerous condition and could injure or kill a member of the public should it collapse.

Secretary’s update

9 hole score cards were now in use.

Advertising brochure was now ready for print. The committee agreed to pay £36 towards the printing costs.

Treasurer’s Report

Bank Balance:            £5175

Golf Levies:                £5425 (Last year £5625)

Trophy Levies:                       £1633.50 (Last year £1396)

Team meals April:     £259.00

Cost of 9 hole cards: £91.20

The Treasurer apologised for missing the last meeting and concurred with the decision regarding the division of 9 hole income.  

  Handicap Secretary’s Report.

The handicap secretary reported that we now have 9 juniors who wish to play club competitions. Alfie Pearson, Trevor Gascoigne and Chris Jordan have all volunteered to assist in organising the Junior section.

Captain’s Report

The league team have now played 2 practice games against Bedlington. Backworth won 7-5 away and 6 all at home. The first league game against Prudhoe was a 6 all draw. The Captain and Vice Captain had played in the Thompson Shield and had the second best gross score.

Senior Organisers Report

Phil Harvey reported that Bluefox Catering had donated £100 towards club polo shirts.

In the Seniors league we had been beat away to Hexham 8-4 however against Whitley Bay at home we had won 12-0

Any other Business

The secretary reported that he had been contacted by the Chairman of the Trustees, Wilson Stubbs, who had requested that our committee consider funding the hiring of a mini digger, to assist the ground staff to complete drainage work on the golf course. The committee agreed in principal to Mr Stubbs request however any release of funds from the golf section would depend on the costs involved and would have to be for a specific project which benefited golf members.

The Treasure wished to minute his concerns that this would set a precedent and would have to be managed carefully.

In relation to the above, the committee also discussed the 5 year rolling plan currently administered by the Welfare Manager. It was felt that the plan was unsustainable due to the difficulty in projecting costs that far ahead. A more sustainable solution would be to implement a rolling 1 year plan which could be fully costed during the summer months in preparation for the winter season.   

The Chairman had been contacted by the Junior County Organiser with a view to using the facilities at Backworth as a training venue.