Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 12th October 2016

Matters Arising.

Mr Carruthers had spoken to the Welfare Manager, as a courtesy, regarding the proposal from the Senior league to hold a field day in 2018. Mr Robinson did not believe that there would be any opposition from the Trustees regarding this matter. Mr Rudling suggested that the proposed discussion about trolley/ buggy storage be held in abeyance until the next meeting due to the absence of Mr T Gascoigne.

Correspondence  An email had been received from  Mr A Burrows regarding winter tee boxes. This has been forwarded to the Welfare Manager and Chairman of the Trustees.

Secretary’s update 20,000 new score cards have been delivered.

Winter 9 hole cards are now in use. The secretary thanked Wilson Stubbs for supplying the winter yardage and stroke indexes.

At a recent Trustees meeting Mr Carruthers read out a letter with signatures from Mr T Gascoigne regarding the purchase of a shipping container for buggy storage. Mr Stubbs requested that this be fully costed by the golf section before re-submission to the Trustees.

Captain’s Report

Team v Caddies had taken place with the win going to the caddies.

In the final Triangular match Backworth had overturned a 27 deficit to Blyth and retained the Shield by 2 points.

The League dinner is on the 28th of October. Due to the current lack of numbers the League secretary has opened up the evening to any member who may wish to attend.

Senior Organisers Report

Mr Harvey informed the committee that Roy McKeen is out of hospital and on the road to recovery.

The Senior AGM had taken place. Turnout numbers were low at 14. Mr Harvey thanked members of the committee who had assisted him prepare for the meeting.

Arrangements for a possible field day at Backworth had been discussed with the Senior League secretary. The possibility of holding a nine hole competition was discussed if the limitations necessary to hold an 18 competition were not suitable.

Any other Business

The winter nines competition was discussed and committee agreed that all money collected from the competition would be paid back to the members. £2 initial entry will be paid out to series winners and the £1 optional sweep will be paid out on the day of the competition. Mr Harvey suggested that this be made clear to all members.

A discussion took place about course closure on a weekend during the summer months . Problems have arisen when the course is closed in the morning by the ground staff and they are not available to re-open in the afternoon if the weather improves and the course may be playable. The committee were cognisant of the fact that relations between ground staff, Trustees and the golf committee might suffer if decisions were made to re-open the course without consulting the ground staff in the first instance. Mr Beadling suggest that they have 2 signs available: If the weather was not likely to improve then course closed signs would be displayed all day. However if conditions were likely to improve during the day a sign could be displayed stating that the course was currently closed however an inspection would be made at lunch time and re-opened if conditions allowed. If the ground staff agreed to the use of these alternate signs then a full course inspection would have to be carried out by Trustees before re-opening the course. If the ground staff were of the opinion that the course may become available in the afternoon and put the appropriate sign on the notice board then the phone information line should include this information, therefore, the weekend message would state that the course was closed however an inspection will be carried out at a designated time. I.e 1pm.

It was suggested that this be discussed with the ground staff and the Trustees at the end of the winter season.

Mr Pearson raised concerns about the ease with which the summer par 3’s flooded after a short period of rain.

Mr Milton requested permission to send out a test email survey to the committee to check whether the system was working correctly.

Presentation Evening

A charge of £15 per person was agreed.

The format will be the same as 2015.