Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 14th September 2016

Matters Arising.

1/Mr Rudling had done some research into the purchase of a 20ft container to store members trolleys. The cost would be approximately £1500 with vat and delivery and the Welfare manager had suggested that this could be stored at the rear of the Hall. Further costs would be incurred supplying suitable locks. Mr T. Gascoigne enquired whether the costs would be paid by the golf section in total or a contribution made to the Welfare, whether electrical points would be installed so that members could charge batteries and whether lighting would be installed . (As the Health and Safety rep for the Trustees the secretary wishes to put on record that it is not safe to leave batteries on charge and unattended should electrical points be installed for this purpose) 

Mr Carruthers was concerned about security and insurance should the container be broken into. Mr N Gascoigne informed the committee that the doors on storage containers were difficult to open and close and some members might not be able to access the storage unit.

The secretary informed the committee that he and Mr Reay had looked at the storage in the men’s locker room and a racking system could be installed to hang the lighter trolley’s on. He was of the opinion that spending over £2000 on external storage was unnecessary and there was no guarantee that members would use such a facility. He went on to suggest that a notice be displayed in the men’s locker room asking for anyone who would be interested in storing their trolley in a storage container to add their name to the list, to gauge interest in the proposal.  Mr Rudling proposed that this issue be added to the agenda for the next meeting.

2/ 20,000 score cards have been ordered with the new yardage and SSS. Cards have been sponsored by Citadel.

3/ Mr. Pearson had suggested that each hole on the score cards be named. The secretary had done some preparatory work on this however due to the delay in obtaining quotes for the cards it had been too late to add to these to the recently ordered cards.


Mr T Gascoigne submitted a letter regarding buggy storage and a list of names supporting his request to the Trustees to provide a storage container.

(The secretary pointed out that that it had been agreed at a previous meeting that a full costing would be carried out before any submission was presented to the Trustees and a letter with names attached fell far short of what had been agreed)

Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 13th April 2016

A discussion took place about the possibility of increasing the number of buggies.

Mr Beadling suggested the Golf Committee prepare a full assessment of our requirements before we approach the Welfare Manager and Trustees. This would include: Number of extra buggies required, type of containers and siting , power supplies, access to buggies for our members including car parking and buggy paths around the course. This should all be costed and plans produced before submission to the Trustees. It was agreed that a subcommittee would be formed to collate the evidence.

Secretary’s update

The secretary had attended a H&S meeting with the Welfare Manager, Chairman of the Trustees and the ground staff. During the meeting concern had been raised about the safety of the compressor hoses and it was agreed that the compressor, hose and guns should be upgraded by the Welfare to meet current safety standards.

The Welfare Manager had submitted to the Trustees a list of work that he believed should be carried out on the course during the winter months. The secretary requested that the golf committee consider his proposals for our next meeting.

The Ladies had requested that the excessive rough between the 6th tee box and green be cut so that balls could be found. Mr Himlin had been contacted and that area had been shortened.

The sand that had been delivered to fill hollow cores was not what had been specified. Unfortunately the ground staff had not noticed this until the first rain washed the sand into the holes leaving stone chippings on the green. The suppliers have been contacted.

Captain’s Report

In the last game of the season the league team had lost to Ravensworth however Backworth had still finished 13 in the league with 73 points making it their best season since 2007. The Captain thanked team players for the dedication and commitment this year.

The Captain v Vice Captains match had resulted in a narrow victory for the Captains team.

The Team v Caddies and supporters is due to be played in the near future.

After 2 triangular matches Backworth are 27 points behind Blyth with the final game to be played at home.

Senior Organisers Report

Backworth had lost to Gosforth in the Senior League and had finished mid table.

In the second friendly of the season Backworth had lost to Wallsend 10-2 resulting in a 12 all draw over 2 games. Although Backworth retained the trophy the team decided to present it to Wallsend as they had never won it.

The Field Day at Hexham had been well attended by Backworth members.

Any other Business

Mr McKeen had been approached by the Senior League secretary who had proposed that Backworth be added to the list of Field Day venues. 130 golfers take part in the field day and this would bring in valuable revenue to the Welfare. To compensate Backworth for the course being closed to members £250 would be given to the Welfare. If the Trustees and Welfare Manager agree to hosting the event and the Senior League accept the limitations of our nine hole course it would take place in 2018.

Mr Neil Gascoigne informed the committee that there was a discrepancy in the stroke indexes which were contrary to the recommendations laid down by CONGU . As new score cards had recently been ordered it was too late to rectify however it will be addressed when the next batch of score cards are due.