Minutes of Golf Section Committee Meeting

Held at Backworth Hall on the 27th September 2017

Secretary’s update

The secretary reported that no Lady had attended a recent JWP and no apologises had been submitted. The committee agreed that there was still benefit to be gained by the meetings and they should continue.

Internet usage was down to under 3 GB for the month after the wireless password had been changed.

The secretary had produced a notice and rules for the upcoming winter nines for the attention of the committee.

Treasurer’s Report

Current Acc: £8057.89

Trophy levies: £6228.70  (£6511 this time last year).

Golf levies: £4860  (243 members). (Last year 239).

Total Team Meals:   £2328 (Last year £2133.40  Difference £194.60)

NUGC & England Fees: £384.25 (Total for year £2816.50. Last year £2820.)

Sports Publications Ltd: £90 towards costs.

County Cards: All 20 sold. £200 to NUGC.

Referring to the previous meeting, the Treasurer asked about the status of the bench for David Beardall.

Handicap Secretary’s Report.

Winter competitions have been postponed by a couple of weeks.

The handicap secretary suggested a start sheet for the Muckhart competition however this was rejected by committee.

Captain’s Report

In the last game of the season the league team had beaten Ravensworth 11-1 giving them a total of 82 points for the season. The team finished in a creditable 12th place out of 16.

In the triangular matches Backworth finished in 2nd place to Blyth with a deficit of 24 points.

The Captain donated £150 of charity money, collected during his year in office

Senior Organisers Report

In the final league game of the season Backworth beat Hexham 8-4 and the club finished 5th in the league.

Backworth won 16-8 in the two friendly matches against Wallsend.

David Thornton won the seniors grand prix.

The Canning Reed Trophy was won by John Swinhoe.

Any other Business

A discussion took place regarding the purchase and siting of a commemorative seat for David Beardall. The committee were in favour of either a re-constituted plastic or hard wood seat located to the right of the winding wheel and facing the Hall. Committee members will check local suppliers for a suitable seat and the Trustees will be approached to gain permission to place the seat facing the Hall. A suitable hard standing will have to be laid and it is suggested that Dave Little could be approached to carry out the work.

A lively discussion took place about the rules for the winter nines and the rules regarding 4 balls. Given all the evidence the committee decided that the current rules regarding 4 balls should remain i.e They are not allowed except in the Muckhart competition.

A second hand green iron has become available to purchase at a cost of £3420. The committee agreed to purchase the equipment providing it was considered suitable by the green staff. The Trustees will be approached and asked whether they would be prepared to contribute towards the costs.

Graham Willis will be invited to attend our presentation evening, to present the Graham Willis Trophy.